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jfisher03 05-26-2009 7:02 PM

So I finally fried my 250 watt phoenix gold amp and as much as it will cost to send it off and get fixed I might as well just go ahead and buy a new one. i have had some problems with this amp since i got it so i want to go with a different name brand and i was just wondering what everyone else is using out there.

roverguy04 05-26-2009 7:11 PM

Hey Justin, <BR> <BR>I ran three Zapco "reference" amps with their SP4-SL processor in my X-45 and was extremely pleased. The Zapcos were pushing the stock JL audio system with a 10" sub. Sound was ultra crisp. I highly recommend looking into their products. <a href="http://www.zapco.com" target="_blank">www.zapco.com</a> Best Regards.

jonyb 05-26-2009 7:31 PM

Depends on what you have to power with this amp. <BR> <BR>I've sold a lot of Wet Sounds Syn6's lately and they've all sounded great no matter what they're powering.

roverguy04 05-26-2009 7:32 PM

+1 Those Syn6's are great amps as well.

05mobiuslsv 05-26-2009 8:26 PM

I like JL Audio myself.

lancesaville 05-27-2009 12:28 AM

+1 for wetsounds, I use the syn2. Also use the factory amp in my boat for the cabin speakers, a kicker zx700.5 which has turned out to be a great amp as well.

ktm525 05-27-2009 6:20 AM

Sync 6's are awesome. I have a complete wetsounds system with 2 sync 6's the system cranks!!!!

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