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tchs22 05-26-2009 2:08 PM

Hey guys we have been winchin with a 5HP B&S and today we got a STEAL on a 11HP Techumsah. well we got a problem. with the same setup we had it was a lot slower. We are plannin on gettin a TAV2 and what all is included with the tav2 setup? what would I need to buy?

lfrider92 05-29-2009 4:38 PM

o just bought a tav 2 and got it in the mail for my winch yesterday. <BR> <BR>the tav mounts right on the motor. you have to buy the chain, 1 sprocket mount, and a the sprocket that mounts to your spool. the tav is really self contained. and has pretty much everything. i hope this helps

tchs22 05-29-2009 9:29 PM

thanks that was exactly the info I needed!!!

lfrider92 05-30-2009 4:19 AM

im glad i was able to help. have fun!

trevorakers 06-02-2009 9:12 AM

dont think the tav 2 will work with a 11 hp. <BR> <BR>I built a 13 hp winch which was like nothing anyones seen and it took a lot of research.

lfrider92 06-02-2009 10:06 AM

yankmeister uses an 11 hp motor with a tav

tchs22 06-02-2009 7:44 PM

i mean our 5 hp pulled us fine but this 11hp just doesnt seem to wanna pull us.....i found part of problem was that even at supposedly half throttle and carb wasnt even open....fixed that but have not tested it yet maybe that will solve part of problem

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