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hornsfan 05-26-2009 7:28 AM

Okay this is a little off topics but was wondering if anyone had any secrets or deals with this issue. <BR> <BR>Our boat is located in Central Texas area (New Braunfels) We get to the boat probably once every 2 weeks maybe a little more often than that. We always cover the boat if we're going to be gone more than 3-4 days. <BR> <BR>Now the issue is damn spider webs, I mean these spiders are working over time, they'll rebuild webs over night and when we get back in the boat in the morning the first thing we do is have to knock down all the spider webs. Any secrets to keeping these suckers out of the boat?

acurtis_ttu 05-26-2009 7:42 AM

I have alot of problems with spiders in my boat nad boat house. Started using Demon WP pesticide, every 3 months. Works awesome and is very cheap. I spray it all over the boat house

trace 05-26-2009 8:16 AM

We finally figured this out with our houseboat recently. Get some spider killer spray, and don't knock down the webs. Go out with a flashlight right after sundown when they come out on their webs to hunt, and let em have it. Also spray the nests, and in any cracks &amp; crevices that have webs near them. It's pretty satisfying, and doesn't take too long to make a huge difference in the population. After the initial spider holocaust, you just have to do it every once in a while.

hornsfan 05-26-2009 8:58 AM

all right i'll have to try both these tactics. <BR> <BR>There is nothing i hate more then waking through cobwebs, from a distance people passing on their boats probably think i'm some weirdo doing a stupid dance as I flail around trying to get the cobwebs off me.

bill_airjunky 05-26-2009 9:28 AM

What type of boat cover do you use? And what color is it? <BR> <BR>I have a Rankin that fully covers all the vents. And it's black. Nothing is getting in there. And if they did, they don't live long.

turkish1 05-26-2009 9:51 AM

suspend pesticide works great.

hornsfan 05-26-2009 10:46 AM

When the boat is covered spiders don't get into the covered part, it's the uncovered part that there are problems. The tower, tower speakers bimini etc....

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