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barry 06-05-2003 6:13 PM

Always been interested in Foiling but have a few questions. <BR>1. how fast do you ride? <BR>2. How often do you get clunked in the head with that foil? <BR>3. How difficult is it to ride? <BR>4.How often do you get clunked in the head with that foil? <BR>5. Is it as low impact as it appears? <BR>and finally, <BR>6.How often do you get clunked in the head with that foil? <BR> <BR>Thanks! <BR> <BR>B- <BR>

06-05-2003 6:22 PM

Unless you are gumby it is almost impossible to get hit in the head. In all the years doing it none of my friends have had it happen. The way you are strapped in prevents it. <BR> <BR>It just takes a lot of balance and really helps if you have someone who has done it before. <BR> <BR>As far as speed goes you can go as slow as 5 mph but most people ride between 18-30 depending on the skill level. <BR> <BR>Most of the falls do not hurt. The funniest part for my friends was watching me learn and crash. When I got better there was not near as much laughing.

yeaitsmemarc 06-05-2003 6:30 PM

Hey Barry, <BR> When you're just learning slower is better.. I pull beginners at around 12-15 mph. <BR> 2- I'd second what Kevin said before.. As long as you put your seat belt, and footstraps on it's next to impossible to get hit by the foil <BR>*I've barfooted/slalomn, boarded.. and I'd have to say Skysking is by far my favorite. You can ride on water that's got a little chop, you wont get tired after 3 sets, and the air you can get is incredible. Only thing I can compare it to is snowboarding or skiing through nice deep powder, its like floating above the water. Good luck, fly high, <BR>Marc <BR> <BR>(Message edited by yeaitsmemarc on June 05, 2003)

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