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gornichec 05-23-2009 3:17 PM

WHich boat should I buy? I have young family and want a good wakeboard/family boat. We live in Vegas so LK Mead is where we'll go. Water can get pretty rough at times. Boat cost is close to the same.

jonyb 05-23-2009 3:58 PM

Ride/drive both of them to see what you think. The brand loyalists will tell you anything.... I own a Supra, but I'm not gonna say that's the best boat for you. You may have different needs or preferences.

bsebllhglyknit 05-23-2009 4:04 PM

Also if your going to buy from a dealer that should be the biggest part of your choice. Go in to both dealers and see how you are treated. Every boat because its made by hand has issues so warranty stuff needs to be taken care of at the dealer. Make sure you like whos taking care of your boat

hatepain 05-23-2009 5:07 PM

Buy a Sanger, no buy a Malibu, no no get a Tige damn almost forgot get an Epic. Have you thought about a Mobius? <BR> <BR>Ok got that out of the way so no one else has to do it.

craig_f 05-23-2009 6:26 PM

Ahh, but you skipped Wakecraft....

johnny_defacto 05-23-2009 6:54 PM

you talking about the supra 24ssv? My buddy just picked up a nice x45 at the boat show for about 70. the supra 24ssv was completely loaded, with more ballast, and that rad a cage-adjustable bimini, and it was priced atleast 12K less. <BR> <BR>I have not driven the supra, but have ridden behind it. I have driven the x45 and ridden behind it. <BR> <BR>If you can get either for the same price, then do what Bauer says and go drive and ride em.

talltigeguy 05-23-2009 7:41 PM

Isaac, <BR> <BR>I own and X45 and have test driven the Supra SSV. Life is good if this is the kinds of choices you have. <BR> <BR>I can't stand the interior seating on the Supra, but I am sure that little seat behind the driver will grow on you after a while. The wake on the Supra was awesome. The guys at the Supra dealership treated me top notch, and I have no doubts that they would take care of you after the sale. The tower is pretty short and was probably the other main thing taking me away from the Supra. <BR> <BR>The MC dealership is suspect, and I wouldn't dare buy a boat from them unless you have good connections to another dealership for service. I say that and I own an X45. The X45 is an awesome boat. Great room, great wake, and MC construction seems extremely solid to me. The MC tower is the best of any boat, hands down. The tower is solid and the board racks are awesome. <BR> <BR>Are you comparing new to new? <BR> <BR>I heard a rumor that the Vegas dealership was having their boats repo'd? Can anyone verify that? I know they shut down their St. George dealership after less than a year here.

sidekicknicholas 05-23-2009 9:33 PM

"The MC tower is the best of any boat, hands down." <BR>That is a bold statement

suprabruiser 05-24-2009 4:48 AM

Isaac, <BR> <BR>I own the Supra 24SSV. My best friend has the X-45. Both boats are as good as wake boats get on Mead. The Supra seating is something I didn't like until we rode in it. Now I love it. <BR> <BR>I will second Talltieguy's comment about dealers. It is crucial to have a good dealer for service and warranty issues. I have had nothing but superior treatment from my dealer. The dealer can be the difference between total satisfaction or disappointment in any brand. <BR> <BR>Go visit both dealers and ride behind both boats. Only you can determine which features are most appealing to you. <BR> <BR>I will say based on resale, you should get a discount on the Supra's price compared to an equally equipped X-45. <BR> <BR>Also, the ballast system and board racks are much improved on the 09 Supra's over the 08 and earlier versions.

mhunter 05-24-2009 6:00 AM

You may want to also check out the Nautique 230 And the Malibu 247.

bill_airjunky 05-24-2009 11:15 AM

<u>The MC tower is the best of any boat, hands down.</u> <BR> <BR>I wish that were true. The group I ride with are all old MC owners. Ever since the latest tower designs came out of the MC factory, we have all defected to Malibu boats &amp; Titan towers. There is just way too much movement in an MC tower, especially when their loaded down with gear, speakers, etc. <BR> <BR>Test drive'em for yourself. Take them out in rough water on Lake Mead &amp; see how they handle. The wake on both boats will likely be way more than your young family will use.

gornichec 05-24-2009 2:29 PM

Thanks for all the info. We took out the Supra this am. I like the tower and adjustable Bimini. We have 5 kids so stowing cargo up top and out of the way is a big plus. We'll test the x45 this week. I agree that service is key as well. I don't want to wait for 2 weeks while my boat gets fixed! One more day in the shop is one less day on the water. Thanks for all the info...

jonyb 05-24-2009 3:07 PM

Adjustable bimini? Are you talking about the X5 cargo rack?

jonyb 05-24-2009 3:08 PM

What's the year model of the 2 boats in question? If you'd specify which boat's your looking at it might help out here. I'm also curious to see how an X-45 can be in the same price point as a Supra.

gornichec 05-24-2009 6:26 PM

All boats are 2009. Pricing isnt set and the deals aren't done so im sure the x45 is more. Just trying to get a feel for what experienced boaters prefer.

jonyb 05-24-2009 8:32 PM

<i>Boat cost is close to the same </i> <BR> <BR><i>Pricing isnt set and the deals aren't done so im sure the x45 is more </i> <BR> <BR>$100 says the MC is'nt within $15,000, so they're not even close. You should add a Malibu 23LSV or 247LSV, and a Nautique to that list to see where they compare.

gornichec 05-25-2009 6:14 AM

Thanks. Ill go check out the Malibu today.

steedracer 05-25-2009 9:12 AM

What...no Centurion love??? How about a 23 or 24 Enzo???

jonyb 05-25-2009 9:40 AM

Whoops, check Centurion's too <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/kiss.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>What's up Pat!>?!

talltigeguy 05-25-2009 1:29 PM

Bill, <BR> <BR>I still beleive that the MC towers are the best out there. Mine is very solid with my NVS Tyrants up there, so I don't think you can ask for more. Did your friends have the stabilizer bars? I understand that they make a world of difference. <BR> <BR>My only complaint is that I am a bit of a freak of nature at 6'9" tall. That makes the MC tower a little short. For any other person it is plenty tall. My Tige had about 7'4" of clearance from the floor, which was awesome. So I even considered swapping the MC tower out for a Samson or Titan. Titan told me that they only sell to dealers and gave me the big snub. Oh well. To get a little back to the initial poster's question, the Supra tower was a little over 6 feet tall, and the cargo rack is at a good 5'6". I loved the cargo rack, but stooping is worse than just ducking, and did not seem to be a desireable option to me. <BR> <BR>Here is me with the Supra tower: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/699497.jpg" alt="Supratower"> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by talltigeguy on May 25, 2009) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by talltigeguy on May 25, 2009)

gornichec 05-25-2009 1:36 PM

My buddy has a centurion. Nice boat

gornichec 05-25-2009 1:38 PM

Took out the x45 and wakeboarded this am. Nice wake. Water was glass.

pc_sledge 05-26-2009 6:37 PM

Isaac, what direction are you leaning? I own a 45 but never got the opportunity to drive/ride the Supra. IMO they are both killer rides and I would love a pull behind the 24SSV. Let us know your thoughts.

west 05-26-2009 7:38 PM

My buddy has a 24SSV and I was very impressed with the wake. I always thought you gave up a little bit of the wake when going to a larger 23+ft size boat but it is not the case with that boat. Seating and interior is awesome too.

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