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drknute3 05-19-2009 9:18 AM

Our family is a mix of Ipods and Blackberry's. We started with Ipods and thus, use iTunes for all our music, ripping CD's and buying music. I can use the Blackberry software to transfer my iTunes playlists to my Storm, but it wont copy the songs purchased from iTunes, which I think is crap. <BR> <BR>Is there a music site that I can buy songs individually like I do on iTunes, then pull them into iTunes and be able to transfer them to my Blackberry as well? <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>Bill

eubanks01 05-19-2009 2:38 PM


steezyshots 05-19-2009 3:42 PM

He still pays for music. That's funny I haven't heard that one in a while!

scott_a 05-19-2009 3:46 PM

Oh, the irony...

sidekicknicholas 05-19-2009 10:28 PM

I did this for a while... <BR> <BR>get imesh (awesome, I have never not found something I looked for) basic subscription -- $6.50 or something. <BR> <BR>You get unlimited downloads, but its all copy protected (no ipods/burning/etc etc) <BR> <BR>then <BR> <BR>download tunebite -- program that takes music with DRM protection plays them and then digitally re-records it to your computer, and the new copy has no protection. Like if you held a microphone up to the radio and recorded... only perfect quality and you can save it as WMA/MP3/Etc. <BR> <BR>then just delete the one from imesh, keep the new un-protected one and burn/ipod/whatever you want with it. <BR> <BR> <BR>so pretty much 100% legal, unlimited downloads you can burn for like $6

mossy44 05-20-2009 3:00 PM

Nick - that is interesting. Have you experienced many viruses like Limewire and others have?

drknute3 05-21-2009 12:07 PM

Tunebite looks promising. Has anyone used it to convert protected files downloaded through iTunes?

canucked 05-21-2009 4:25 PM

lol, scott a <BR> <BR>For the record I pay for my music (and my pictures)

sidekicknicholas 05-21-2009 9:33 PM

No viruses, its a totally legit program. <BR> <BR>I got it through isohunt (torrent) just a simple install and keygen to unluck the full version. <BR> <BR>and Imesh is 100% legit too, since you pay they keep the spam and crap down, only an email once a month, I can live with that

wakeborder5 05-22-2009 8:55 AM

I tried Napster for the 7 day free trial and decided to use it for another month as its 5 or 5.99 and you get unlimited downloads and 5 non-drm mp3s. I use Daniusoft Media Converter Pro to convert the drm songs to make them usable in iTunes. I would do this album by album, because all the ID info is in the title, and no properly set with artist and album, so its a little annoying to deal with that.

mossy44 05-24-2009 7:50 AM

I tried imesh and i had several newer songs it couldn't find (with the gold stars). i might try napster.

wakeborder5 05-24-2009 11:33 AM

I was mistaken about Napster, the 5.99/month is for streaming only, not downloading. <BR> <BR>You could however just do the one week free trial and download and strip the drm off as many files as u want in the 7 days.

wakeborder5 05-24-2009 12:05 PM

another great thing about Napster is they have a lot of edited version of stuff for those looking not to offend everyone on the lake

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