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shepsigkap 05-18-2009 12:44 PM

Anyone know where I can get ONE Kicker KMT6 pod? <BR> <BR>We want to put one facing forward and angled down into the boat on our tower <BR> <BR>We are willing to buy used, refurbished, etc or to buy new and go in 1/2s with someone else who is interested in just one pod <BR> <BR>All ideas are appericiated!!

codykauz 05-18-2009 10:37 PM

i've been considering buying another pair and either selling one or facing it forward because i am just not able to fit all four on the tower facing backwards. i may be interested.

shepsigkap 05-18-2009 10:44 PM

Let me know if you decide to sell one because I am definitely looking for one pod <BR> <BR>So far you and one other person have said that it may be a possibility so let me know if you are serious about it!! <BR> <BR>You can reach me via email at: <a href="mailto:sarah.shepherd@att.net">sarah.shepher d@att.net</a> <BR> <BR>Just FYI for shipping purposes I am located in Madera, CA (just north of Fresno) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by shepsigkap on May 18, 2009)

duffymahoney 05-25-2009 2:24 PM

How are you planning on wiring the 3 speakers?

shepsigkap 05-26-2009 9:39 AM

We are going to wire the idea pod to the back of the head unit. I know this will not provide ideal power to the pod but we don't need the full powder sound going forward. And we're not adding an additional amp to wire it better - at least not at this time. Right now we have no speakers in the bow so anything would be an upgrade.

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