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ghettofab 05-10-2009 9:36 PM

So I found a reallly good deal on a really nice Imac <BR> <BR>My eyes cant handle editing on a 12inch macbook any longer <BR> <BR>Can i transfer final cut pro/studio from my macbook to the imac via usb or external harddrive? will it work? I dont have the Cds to install it again. I can get the serial number if needed. <BR> <BR>Just didnt know if it would run on the new machine without a full install

richd 05-11-2009 4:40 AM

Install a fresh version of your version of OS X on the new Imac. Have your MB handy or if you have to sell it clone the entire MB to a firewire drive. When the Imac boots up for the first time it will ask if you want to transfer your info from another Mac. Either attach the cloned drive or boot up the MB in firewire mode (hold down the T key during start up) and then attach it to your new iMac. The iMac will transfer all of your files and settings including apps. It will ask you for your serial number again however first time you run a FCS app. Make sure you deauthorize any adobe apps and itunes before you transfer.

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