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wakekid72501 05-09-2009 5:44 PM

i know how to ollie but i can't get very high. i see all these videos where people can ollie over buoys and stuff and just wondered what i can do to ollie high? all advice is appreciated

sippi 05-21-2009 6:04 AM

Speed helps. Faster you are going the harder the water, combine that with alot of downforce and it'll push you up higher. If you watch the book it says to do a little ollie then do a bigger ollie right after to give you more push downward. The harder you slam it down the higher you'll go

lfrider92 05-29-2009 3:53 PM

ive tried the ollie before the actual ollie. i dont think it works that well. it makes my ollie really inconsistant. <BR> <BR>i cant get around 2 feet on average. im actually able to indie grab my ollie. what i do, <BR> <BR>i put all my weight on my front foot, when im ready to ollie i put all of my weight on my back foot and pull up with my front at the same time. it works pretty well for me

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