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warlock00 06-02-2003 6:44 AM

Well I pulled off a W2W at 60' going about 24 mph. Only problem is on our boat you have to pull it twice in one day to claim it as a trick, and the boat broke down just before my last run of the day...so I never got the chance to back it up. Oh well maybe next weekend. <BR> <BR>what a feeling it is to go that big on the skate.

blabel 06-02-2003 10:02 AM

You'll probably hit it again the next time you try it. Congrats.

lukem 06-02-2003 10:08 AM

congrats man, i havent cleared the wake yet, i have tried everything to keep the board under me, i dunno. i can ollie fine and all that but i dont know what i am doing wrong, nice job.

warlock00 06-02-2003 10:52 AM

thanks guys... <BR> <BR>Luke, The tip on sucking up my front leg first as I am leaving the wake then the back leg,(kinda like you are ollieing off the wake)and then at the top of the jump to start pushing both feet down helped me start to stomp the landings better. Once I read that and tried it, it all started to fall into place...My jumps started getting closer and closer to the other wake. Keep trying it will come. It takes me a pretty hard cut.

hatepwcs 06-02-2003 1:24 PM

I got worked saturday and sunday going for mine. I'm real close and I know the next time out I'm going to stomp it.

wakeguru 06-02-2003 1:54 PM

Awwww, where are the pics Neelley? ha ha, you've got the right attitude - that's for sure. <BR>BTW, I've been chatting with Mike Bailey - very cool of you to send him one of your old boards!

jaxboarder 06-10-2003 6:37 AM

I finally cleared the wake yesterday at 60', I also stuck 2 pop shuvits in a row... first time ive been on the skate since last fall.

warlock00 06-10-2003 7:04 AM

do you ollie up and do them or over the wake? I have been tring them but can not get the ollie height to spin it.

jaxboarder 06-10-2003 8:57 AM

i just do them in the flats, ive been trying them for a while, get your back foot about 2 inches from the tail and your front foot around the middle and cut out to get away from the wash, stomp your back foot and kick the front around gently and pick your legs up and spot for your landing. that might not be the best description but it works for me... let me know how it goes.

warlock00 06-10-2003 9:55 AM

thanks I will be trying it this weekend...

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