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07-09-2001 11:26 AM

I just landed a flip and it was on a seaswirl 22 footer and i have a 10 foot pole. but my question is will it make that much of a difference if i got a tige' would it help me get more air? <BR>thanks everyone

08-08-2001 7:29 AM

I have an I/O with a home made skylon. The wake is as big as any wakeboard boat I've ever ridden behind. The difference I have noticed is, the wake behind my boat is steep and very abrupt with tons of "kick" to it, whereas a ski or wakeboard boat has big but more mellow wake. I think that iverts are easier behind my boat because it can kind of "buck" you into the air, while on the other hand it kinda throws me off axis on spins.

04-23-2002 5:44 PM

I got 10 feet of air off a d-up on my parents 19foot deck boat. So your either hard core or you just suck. If your good your good anywhere.

04-26-2002 12:29 PM

I think that if you own an X-star or Super Air to justify your expense you say, "Yes, it definitely makes a difference." Those who do not and can still do several different tricks will say, "I can do a 900 off the back of a canoe." So the correct response is somewhere in the middle. Wakeboard boats will help, but just 'cause you have a Super Air Team Edition doesn't mean you're on "the Team." You still have to have the athletic ability and no fear attitude to do the tricks.

04-27-2002 9:28 PM

the big issue is the shape of wake and if the wake is firm or soft... on real wakeboard boat, the wake will tend to have a nice, firm lip that will pop you higher than a wake the same size that's not as firm and well shaped... but anyway, not many recreational riders can feel the difference between them...

my lake 05-12-2002 11:51 PM

I agree, while riding on Lake Washington (my lake), I'm hitting more air off the back of my Bayliner /w no pylon than guys who've got the decked out super airs /w speakres/ fogs, and internal bags :p <BR> <BR>Makes me feel good, espically sine we just put up our 10ft pole and are buying sacks :D

chris_hargis 06-11-2002 9:09 AM

I have seen the pros do air rolls. This is a roll outside the wake using just an ollie. Check out the opening sequence of Detention to see what I mean. If they can do it witout a wake, then it can be done on pretty much any wake(just not by me yet).

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