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07-09-2001 6:26 AM

I am fairly new to wakeboarding and I have been progressing fairly well this summer. I am able to get plenty of Air heelside and I can do several grabs, wake to wake 180's and so forth but I can't seem to get any air when I approach the wake toeside. It seems as if I lose all momentum at the wake and usually my toeside jump ends up like a slalom cut. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

a emde (lumina) on Monda 07-09-2001 10:58 PM

yea, I have the same exact problem with toeside, I get air heelside. On toeside I get a little air, but no more then a foot. its pretty harsh. someone needs to reply with help.. :)

07-10-2001 7:53 AM

Hey you two, check out the post I started "TS wake to wake jump" Matt and Rick gave some great advice that got me up and over. I'm now doing ts w2w 180s thanks to them! Good luck!

07-16-2001 9:58 PM

start with a hard cut then ease up and as soon as i get in the air i usually let go with my back hand and land smooth.

08-08-2001 12:26 PM

Yeah, toeside is hard, but on my snowboard I just had to get comfortable with it and then cut as just as hard as on my heels. My toeside air is a little less than my heels, but snowboarding definately helped me out. So my advice is just cut as hard as you do on heels and physically you probably always will get more air on heels cause you can apply more pressure to them then the toes.

08-10-2001 9:44 AM

The thing I find is that although I think I am cutting as hard, I really am not. I did it slower and looked at my body position going in and noticed that I did not bend my legs coming in and therefore did not stand tall at the right time to get the pop. I just started cutting out to about 5 feet and then trying it from there to just get height, not distance. When I had that down, I started working on going out a little further each time and building the distance to go with the height. I still don't like toeside jumps, because I feel like I am being jerked around on landings, but I can do them now.

better control 08-16-2001 1:23 PM

I think it's all about handle position. Edge out away from the wake, when you turn to make your toeside cut place the handle down as tight as you can to your front hip and hold it all the way through the jump with two hands (better control). That has helpled me alot

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