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07-08-2001 5:07 PM

Will someone please explain to me what the difference is between a 360 heli wrap & and a 360 heli hand pass. ON the trick descriptions on this site they have one listed as being worth more points and I don't understand the desciptions.

07-09-2001 6:18 AM

The difference between a handle-pass and wrapped 360 is simple. <BR> <BR>On the handle-pass as you pop off the wake you pull the handle towards your lower back and grab it with the other hand so you can finish the rotation around to 360. <BR> <BR>On a wrapped 360 while you are outside the wake take the rope and wrap it around your back so that you are holding the handle with the other hand before you pop off the wake. Just imagine that you are doing a handle pass before you jump. Most wakeboarding ropes now come with extra grips such as a T-Bar or a diamond handle a little farther down the rope from the main handle this makes wrapping simple. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps man. <BR>Ride On! <BR> <BR>Robby Rentfrow

07-09-2001 9:24 AM

THanx Rob for explaining that to me. I appreciate it.

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