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blindmnkee3 04-23-2009 12:00 PM

I'm looking into a 2005 LSV with the Monsoon. <BR> <BR>I've read that re-proped the Monsoon can handle most weight situations on the boat. I'm planning on replacing the rear tanks with 750's, 400-500 lbs of POP bags or lead (middle of boat closer to the bow) and possibly a sac in the walkway before the bow. I don't plan on using the wedge except for surfing (although that might change). So roughly 2500-3000 of weight in the boat. I plan on a normal crew of 4-6 but will sometimes have 10-12 on the boat. Will the Monsoon handle all this weight? Will the wake really get THAT big? Or will I still need more weight? <BR> <BR>Looking for opinions for experienced riders who have ridden behind this boat with stock ballast and with lots of weight. Thanks so much!

westsidarider 04-23-2009 6:45 PM

My experience with the lsv has been incredible. Favorite boat of all time. You should have no problem loading the crap out of that boat as long as you re-prop it. My buddy has a 05 and the usual weighting goes as this: <BR>-full stock ballast including rear tanks, middle tank and bow tank <BR>-roughly 400 lbs of lead spread evenly under the seats in the cockpit area <BR>-a bow sack, a 750 on the floor towards the walkway, and 2 cube sacks on either side of the engine <BR>-and with the lsv i always like the wedge but im sure you can substitute with more weight. <BR>This boat was running the stock prop but recently re-propped and gets up even quicker

cavlxenvy 04-23-2009 7:44 PM

^^^^ plus the Acme 1235 will solve all your problems.

blindmnkee3 04-23-2009 8:46 PM

Thanks Jason. Hearing what kind of weight others are running really helps to figure out how I would like to set it up. It definately like weight in the bow I see. I plan on upgrading to the 1235 for sure, thanks. Any chance of pics with all that weight?

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