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ixfe 04-21-2009 12:29 AM

I have lost count of how many times I've clicked on somebody's name to find out what boat they have or where they are from only to be disappointed. Knowing this information about a poster can add lots of context to their comments. <BR> <BR>Why not fill out the profile completely? I don't understand people who make reference to their $50k pride and joy but neglect to mention it in their profile with a pic or description. When I brought my boat home, posting a pic on this forum was the first thing I did!!

2006maliblue 04-21-2009 12:36 AM

Maybe its because they don't have a boat or have several screen names just to raise a ruckus?

lowend 04-21-2009 1:50 AM

CBF <BR>Will one day <BR>Actually <BR>will when the new boat arrives. 40 Days.

saceone 04-21-2009 6:14 AM

that MB is just plain sex!!!! <BR>+1 on the fill out your profile.

K.B.C. 04-21-2009 9:05 AM

I personally could care less what boat somebody has. This is wakeworld not boatworld. I guess I'm just the opposite. I prefer to see photos of the person riding when I click on their profile, not their boat. To each his own.

bill_airjunky 04-21-2009 9:26 AM

Yea, but this is the "Boats, Accessories &amp; Tow Vehicles" forum on WW, Scott. Knowing what boat &amp; truck a member uses (or has used) says a lot for what their experience is like. If the guy is going on &amp; on about Mastercraft or Ford or whatever, yet he drives a BMW &amp; doesn't own a boat at all, what does that say for his opinion? <BR> <BR>Another thing is location. If your looking for a new boat, and asking for help on WW, then knowing where your located is a big help. No point in giving a guy in New Hampshire ads for boats in Arizona.

gti2lo 04-21-2009 9:33 AM

People don't fill out their information as this way they can be a "keyboard" commando!

dabell 04-21-2009 11:06 AM

They don't want to show you their true ages... You would probably be amazed at how many 13 year old kids comment of stuff they really don't know anything about <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

macanudo247 04-21-2009 11:10 AM

^^^^ hahahaha

themxercr85 04-21-2009 11:26 AM

Or how a butt load of 50 year old b*tch at eachother like 2 year olds

bkoz 04-21-2009 11:58 AM

Funny Twitch......and true. lol

stephan 04-21-2009 1:19 PM

Bill, I own a BMW and don't own a boat or a truck, does that mean my opinion is worth nothing? I also have probably ridden more boats than you can shake a stick at. I think I have the most unbiased opinion of anyone. I know what works and what doesn't, how does me not owning a boat change that? <BR> <BR>Case in point this last weekend I rode with friends at the lake and rode a Sanger V210, two Super Air 210s and a Malibu V-ride. I think I have a lot more experience than some tool with the stock answer of "______________ is the best boat ever, everything else sucks." Hence my profile statement.

denverd1 04-21-2009 1:25 PM

It's nice to see someone's info. It adds to their credibility and to that of the site as a whole. I like to see where ppl are from and where they ride. To me, it doesn't matter what they have filled, just so its filled out. No point in trying to hide anything.

bill_airjunky 04-21-2009 1:39 PM

Hi Stephan, <BR>So is your point that any guy who has never owned a boat or truck has more experience with boats &amp; trucks than any of us who actually own them, change the oil on them &amp; drive them everyday? <BR> <BR>Just trying to understand. Maybe your right &amp; BMW owners can tell me more about a Chevy or a Mastercraft that I have already owned for years. <BR> <BR>I think you know what the original point was &amp; your feelings were somehow hurt. So if you want to win, you got it.

drknute3 04-21-2009 1:42 PM

Cuz I am really just a 14 year old kid and my daddy just bought me a $100K Mastercraft and I dont want to get hazed for it.

K.B.C. 04-21-2009 2:15 PM

His point is very valid. Unfortunately most boat owners of boat X or boat Y have a very biased opinion. Ownership goggles run extremely thick on this site. Just because somebody owns a MC or CC or BU or whatever and tells you it is the best boat on the planet doesn't necessarily make it so just cause they own it.

bkoz 04-21-2009 2:28 PM

This is funny. Allways someone getting butt hurt over pretty much nothing. LOL too much.

bill_airjunky 04-21-2009 3:06 PM

<i>By Scott (K.B.C.) (sperbet) Ownership goggles run extremely thick on this site.</i> <BR> <BR>Thats funny. Never heard it put that way. And it's true. Part of a guy doing his homework is going to be finding those &amp; reading between the lines to find the truth. <BR> <BR>But I think for the most part I would still get product opinions from actual users. They may be owners, or may not. But typically it's not the best idea to take a guy's opinion who knew someone, who sister's, boyfriend's, father said he who used to own a blahblahblah &amp; it was badass. <BR> <BR>My guess is that there are probably a few guys on this site who don't own a boat or truck but are still experienced boaters, boarders, on-water types. Those are the guys I want to know. And if they fill out their profile, it gives me some idea that they know what their talking about.

stephan 04-21-2009 4:41 PM

No my feelings aren't hurt, you just pretty much described me to a "T" except for the part where you said someone like me has a less valid opinion. Definitely not upset, I stomped my run on Saturday, life is good!! You just made a very broad statement and I know there are a lot of folks that know a million different tricks regarding weighting, particular engines etc etc and don't own a boat. Jack of all, master of none! <BR> <BR>As a matter of fact I am as you say a "guy(s) on this site who don't own a boat or truck but are still experienced boaters, boarders, on-water types. Those are the guys I want to know." Hi, I'm Steve, nice to meet you. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

bill_airjunky 04-21-2009 4:47 PM

HEhe, the funny thing is your profile is filled out. The debate was about those who don't. <BR> <BR>Your right, broad statement, but I'd bet your the exception to the rule. You've been around here long enough &amp; have seen some of the people who run their mouth &amp; have little or nothing to base it on. Thats my point.

wakeitnofakeit 04-21-2009 7:20 PM

What does Delta dave think of this question. I love when people demand full accountability on me and offer none in return.

malibuboats4 04-21-2009 7:59 PM

geeez dan why dont you just take dave out on a date. i swear every post you make on here is about him....

wakeitnofakeit 04-21-2009 8:03 PM

I would if I knew how to find him.

malibuboats4 04-21-2009 8:06 PM


wakeitnofakeit 04-21-2009 8:24 PM


wakerider111 04-21-2009 10:58 PM

don't have a pic of a boat... 'cause i aint got one of my own. <BR> <BR>but <BR> <BR>I probably have one of the most filled out and longest profiles on wakeworld<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

lowend 04-21-2009 11:49 PM

Oh no a wakecraft high jack. <BR>haha just kidding big fella.

ixfe 04-22-2009 12:29 AM

Okay, I should clarify... <BR> <BR>I didn't say the profile pic had to be of a boat (although I do enjoy those). My main gripe is folks who don't fill out the pertinent info on the table. I understand some folks may not want to share some personal info, but this is a wakeboarding forum. Is it too much to ask that we at least fill in our boats and boards? Also, why not add a slot for tow rig since that discussion comes up every other day? <BR> <BR>One final gripe... why do people put pics in their profile that have nothing to do with wakeboarding? I don't get it. <BR> <BR>BTW... this is idle banter. I love this forum and read it more than I care to admit.

ralph 04-22-2009 1:05 AM

I put much more stock in a boat whores opinion than a boat owners. Ownership googles are strong.... <BR> <BR>PS: Why do Big Heavy's cheeks look so fat?

ixfe 04-22-2009 2:13 AM

^^^ That's not the point. The request is simple, fill out profile. You have done that, so congratulations. <BR> <BR>More information is better than less information.

bobbyb 04-22-2009 5:39 PM

I just updated mine after reading this post.

john211 04-22-2009 5:44 PM

yea bobby, that boat be a planing hull, for sure. <BR> <BR>shew, glad their wearing those helmets. if that boat'd roll, those helmets would be the ticket to noggin safety.

shwiezz 04-22-2009 5:56 PM

Nice BobbyB! <BR>on a positive note, you can't hear the wife telling you to slow down.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

bobbyb 04-22-2009 5:58 PM

LOL Guys it was a great time doing that. But that boat is gone. So now its time to get backing into wakeboarding.

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