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salsajs3030 04-17-2009 6:11 PM

Heading to Mex to ride and thinking of bringing my lead this trip. I want to be able to come back across the boarder into CA with the lead I brought in...does anyone (Dave) think this will be a problem? <BR>*someone told me to be careful, but couldn't tell me why. <BR>Thanks!

shooter_08 04-17-2009 7:45 PM

I think the lead will be the least of your worries given the current problem along the Mexico boarder. Just dont get killed or abducted by the drug cartel.

kana12 04-17-2009 7:52 PM

dude , have you not watched the news.. the chances of getting your head wacked is pretty high. its even a problem in vacation spots too.

tl_hereford 04-17-2009 8:09 PM

Yea I would take lots of lead with the rest of a bullet attached to it. O yea and a gun. I hunt a ranch close to the boarder in Texas and I did'nt even go down there this year. Something like 10k murders in 2008?

ryanbush11 04-17-2009 8:33 PM

i just got back from Cabo... definatly no problems there, security was tight and i felt safer than in the US

sinkoumn 04-17-2009 9:04 PM

Cuban cigars in Mexico....+1

salsajs3030 04-17-2009 9:39 PM

...guess none of you have been to Mexico. <BR>Is there anyone that has an educated answer to the question?

wakeworld 04-17-2009 10:58 PM

I've never heard of anything like that. If I was bringing lead across, I never would have thought it would be a problem.

razzman 04-17-2009 11:17 PM

I'm going to Cabo in two weeks for the fishing and don't anticipate any issues, but the border is a whole different issue and bringing ANYTHING across leads to speculation these days so don'y be one bit suprised if they take your lead as the first thing they'll suspect is something hidden inside.

sinkoumn 04-17-2009 11:30 PM

Ahah, I've been to Mexico quite a few times... and actually am educated, just would've called the correct people for an answer to that question as opposed to posting a topic on the wakeworld forum for a final answer....<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

spherren 04-18-2009 2:21 AM

I am currently in Mexico now, only certain parts are bad, it is awsome here, so why bring lead, plenty of things here for ballast. Beautiful senoritas with fine big bootys... I will be coming back soon.

wakeworld 04-18-2009 10:32 AM

Yeah, the easiest way to find out for sure it to call the border patrol. They were super friendly when I called them for a similar question and you know you're getting the right info.

wstr01 04-18-2009 10:19 PM

"guess none of you have been to Mexico" <BR> <BR>I know of at least two different offroad teams that have been relieved of their motorhomes and trailers while down there on the way back from a race. <BR> <BR>I also personally know a Marine Major that flys helicopters in support of the Boarder Patrol that has some pretty good accounts of stuff that goes on down there that we don't hear about. <BR> <BR>I think losing a few hundred pounds of lead is way better than losing your boat and tow rig or even your life. <BR> <BR>We go to Cozumel a couple times a year and have no problems down there, but we fly right into Cozumel. Way different than driving over the border/war zone. <BR> <BR>On the other hand there are plenty of peeps on this board that go down there all the time, with their boats and have had no trouble. <BR> <BR>Life is a crap shoot, and since I suck at gambling, I don't think I will be driving over the boarder anytime soon.

882001 04-19-2009 10:11 AM

i hope to never step foot in mexico again in my life. new orleans either.

talltigeguy 04-20-2009 1:51 PM

I have been to Cabo and Cancun in the last 6 months and have had no worries. <BR> <BR>I would be careful about going across the border. You are crazy if you take a boat down there. Get ready to have some serious inspection at the border both going in and out.

h2oproaccessories 04-20-2009 1:56 PM

lol.... ahhhh.... so true 882001. I'm not a fan of new orleans. were 2 1/2 hrs away and that is wayyyyy too close.

stewart 04-20-2009 2:11 PM

I flew into Cabo and drove to La Ventana (2 hours north) a couple of months ago. We were there for a week and even went to LaPaz for Mardi Gras. No problems there. The borders, however, are whole other issue. <BR> <BR> <BR>Oh and regarding the lead, I guess it depends on if you get stopped by the federalis and if they can identify it for what it is. I would KISS when driving down there. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by stewart on April 20, 2009)

saceone 04-20-2009 2:34 PM

KISS is the way to go when traveling, I second that advice.

yosquire 04-21-2009 2:23 PM

Is your lead in the form of spent ammunition? <BR> <BR>I'm just wondering if the Mex Police wanted to give you grief, they could pull out some law about carrying ammunition. <BR> <BR>Regardless of wither or not it's spent, it's still ammo. Since hand guns are illegal I'd assume the ammo is too.

stewart 04-21-2009 3:33 PM

I'ld review this website before I drove down just to make sure I was G2G. Did you know carrying a pocket knife or other knife on you person is illegal? I didn't, but it will carry up to 5 years in a Mexico jail. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/spring_break_mexico/spring_break_mexico_2812.html" target="_blank">http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/spring_break_mexico/spring_break_mexico_2812.html</a>

stewart 04-21-2009 3:34 PM

Another good link. <BR> <BR><a href="http://tijuana.usconsulate.gov/tijuana/warning.html" target="_blank">http://tijuana.usconsulate.gov/tijuana/warning.html</a>

salsajs3030 04-21-2009 5:00 PM

No knives No guns...standard Mex. <BR>Good links guys, thank you! <BR>I called the boarder patrol and they gave me the thumbs up on the lead. <BR>Thanks Guys!

shooter_08 04-22-2009 9:35 AM

Off topic, but Mexico is a good example why gun control doesn’t work. The only people carrying guns are the criminals! Keep a small federally payoff fund in your wallet, stash the rest. Stay safe

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