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lsukuntryboy 04-17-2009 10:55 AM

anyone goin to the jackson show? its today saturday and sunday at the jackson convention center. Anyone in the area, come see us. there is a Tige dealer and we are here with centurion. Im lookin forward to meetin some area riders.

sippi 04-23-2009 8:13 AM

Didn't make it this year but I went last year and didn't like it at all! There were not many boats at all for wakeboarding and the ones they had were only supras and moombas. There are some pretty good riders here a core that have been doing it a while but the area is pretty new to wakeboarding. Predominently a ski area. I think one main reason is the area had no shops for wakeboarding or dealers. I'm guessing you were with smith marine since they just got tige but tige already failed in the area once. There are also no amatuer comps or any wake events around here for that matter.

lsukuntryboy 04-23-2009 8:28 AM

No. im not with smith marine. Im with Swamp Sports out of monroe. yes smith had their tiges. but i had centurion. I also had Obrien and Company wakeboards. My whole both was wakeboarding. I met some the core riders. I also met a lot of people who didnt know what a wakeboard was. And by talking to the and explaining every thing i had some of them walking out of the building with a board, eager to get on the water. yeah im not local, but im not that far away either. I will continue to do as much as i can to help wakeboarding in jackson since its a blank canvas. <BR> <BR>If you are lookin for events, take a look at louisiana. We are having LSF in 3 weeks and MLR here in monroe in july. with several more freeride events around the state. you are welcome to come over for one. For that matter, come to monroe and you can ride with me to where ever it is.

saceone 04-23-2009 2:06 PM

am I the only one that clicked on the thread expecting pictures of a very hot''Miss boat show 20000009'' ?? <BR> <BR> <BR>/owned.

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