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lfrider92 04-15-2009 8:07 AM

i have foam on my skate. and now that i have a winch im going to be skating way more then boarding. <BR> <BR>im going to peel the foam off and put grip tape on. can i use regular skateboard grip tape or is there special tape because its in the water all the time? <BR> <BR>ive got a local wake/skate/snow shop about a mile from house and sells skate board grip tape for 5$ a length. and im thinking i can get the whole thing done with 2 or 3 lengths. can i use that stuff? or will it come off in a week

ndh2o 04-15-2009 1:40 PM

You can use regular grip, but get a decent brand. Not sure how the cheap grip lasts, but Jessup or Black Magic works great.

toxis 04-15-2009 8:21 PM

Most people use Jessup but Black Magic seems to be popular too... just be sure to put it on in some kick ass design. That's the sickness! Check it out on wakeskating.com's forum. They have a whole thread about custom grip jobs and it's the shiz.

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