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pmpstress2 04-11-2009 12:30 PM

I tore my ACL last year and had the surgery in September so this year I decided to get more into wakeskating. I'm looking to buy a wakeskate and have no idea what kind to buy. I have wakeskated in the past but always ended up back on my wakeboard. Any suggestions??? <BR> <BR>I'm 5'3" 130lbs (average size) <BR> <BR>Thanks!!! <BR>Michelle

scott_a 04-11-2009 12:45 PM

Howdy, stranger! How'd you tear your ACL? <BR> <BR>How much are you looking to spend? <BR>Do you care what brand it is? <BR>Do you want a compression molded deck (made like a wakeboard) or an all-wood skate? <BR> <BR>Hope all is well! <BR>scott

wakemitch 04-11-2009 1:03 PM

try to get a board under 40 inches

pmpstress2 04-11-2009 1:16 PM

Hey Scott....I tore it wakeboarding doing something I do all the time...wake to wake. It was just a freak accident but I'm all better now. Just a little scard to get back on a wakeboard so a skatin' I will be this summer. <BR> <BR>I would like to spend no more than 400.00 <BR>I dont care what brand it is. <BR>?????? <BR> <BR>I have no idea what kind or size!!! <BR> <BR>Michelle

jasonpav 04-11-2009 4:20 PM

400 dollars can basically get you any skate you want. wakeskates are a lot cheaper than wakeboards

mikef9844 04-12-2009 10:46 PM

Check out the Liquid Force Impulse 40", I just started riding it and its a great board. You don't want to get a beginner board because it will just limit you from doing any tricks in the future. The impulse is a wood concave, very strong, and not too heavy like a bi-level will be.

sdl39 04-13-2009 7:00 AM

The LF Impluse has a great shape, but some of the recent year models have had durability issues. I would recommend checking out Oak, Sattelyte, or New for wood concaves. The 2009 Oaks are available for just under $300 at boardstop.com. I would agree that 40" would be a good length for your height &amp; weight.

pmpstress2 04-13-2009 4:16 PM

Thank you everyone. What about Integrity Wakeskates. A few of my frinds have this type of wakeskate.

wswb4lfe 04-13-2009 4:56 PM


eviltweak 04-13-2009 8:18 PM

integs are indestructible. alot of people ride and love them they are a great skate.

wakemitch 04-13-2009 11:18 PM

if you are willing to spend 400 you might as well get an integrity. they make a 38.65" deck that is amazing. the size would be great for you. im 5'8" and thats the deck i ride. small boards are the way to go. the shape is so smooth as is the ride. the boards are super snappy and react as fast as you do.

slowake 04-14-2009 7:52 AM

also saw today on BoardersBestBuy.com the Ronix zariel. What does everyone think about this board?

pmpstress2 04-14-2009 8:09 AM

WOW...thanks all for all the input. I think this weekend I'm going to try an Integrity and the liquid Force. We have a really fun event going on here in Austin on Sunday. <BR>Aquaholics Anonymous....If anyone is in the Austin area y'all should check it out. I'll see if they have the Ronix Zariel to demo this weekend!

toxis 04-14-2009 11:45 PM

look into the LF Mod if you plan on hitting rails. Otherwise, for a wood deck, Oak... :D <BR> <BR>Go with an Integrity, Oak, New, Devotid, Sattelyte, Arson (new brand), etc... and you'll be happy with whatever you get. Just figure out what size/shape you like and go for it. I found an 08 Oak Horan for dirt so that will be my concave this year.

aroed 04-15-2009 7:25 AM

I have a zariel and its a good board but a little heavy for my liking, especially after i tore my acl in january. im going to be looking to pick up a lighter board. i dont think that it will be good for me on shuvits with that heavy board with my bad knee. i would make sure and get a grip tape deck though. ive ridden both foam and grip tape and grip tape is def. the way to go.

michridr69 04-21-2009 7:13 AM

zariel took me a long time to get used to it, fun board though

dlwsrider 04-21-2009 6:17 PM

Austin, I have a torn ACL and have no problems throwing around my Zariel. Have you tried the 40"?

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