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05-28-2003 6:22 AM

OK, second time out this year and I pulled the Tyro's mistake. hehehe, <BR> <BR>Started in on the W2Ws, and the third one, getting a little cocky, let the foil get a wee bit sideways whilst in the air. No time to recover, I wasn't as high as I thought ;) <BR> <BR>One body side slam later, looking at the beautiful stars circling my head during broad day light, I decided it was time to come back in the boat and prepare a bit of liquid anesthetic! <BR> <BR>Be careful out there guys! I'm Soooooo glad summer is here!

magic 05-28-2003 8:10 AM

I am still on the injured reserve list myself. One little over rotated front roll and there goes a couple of ribs!!!

05-28-2003 8:14 AM

Yikes!!! You gotta watch those. A friend of mine over rotated and burst a disk in his back. Went around for two months with his arm tingling like it was asleep. <BR> <BR>Finally went in and had the vertebrates fused. Good as new in two weeks. <BR> <BR>What fun we have eh?

magic 05-28-2003 9:30 AM

I had mine x-ray'd. Doctor pointed out how some did not line up like the others!! <BR> <BR>Oh well, I've been surfing, wakeskating and wakeboarding instead. Can not wait to get back on the foil! Couple of Sammamish riders have Bat Wings... can not wait to try those out too!

05-28-2003 10:10 AM

Misaligned or fractured and displaced? <BR> <BR>Ribs are a bear. Had three fractured in H.S. and I hope never to go through that again. <BR> <BR>Bat wings? Specially made for Bat Turns? hehehe. <BR> <BR>We tried a few around the boats last Thursday. Too bad the fella riding forgot he was supposed to start on the outside of the turn and cut in. We'll get it next time.

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