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warlock00 05-27-2003 6:48 AM

Hey guys I am curious what length you guys are riding at? I have been riding at 60', but shortened it up another 5' for one run this weekend and pulled off a w2w. Is that cheating?<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>I know it will be different for each persons boat, but how much slower are you going while skating? We usually board at 25-27, fully loaded(about 1800lbs). And we skate at around 20 with about 300lbs. of sand scattered around the boat.

wakeguru 05-27-2003 7:26 AM

Dude, <BR>That ain't cheating. Don't think you've got to ride way out and launch huge lofty airs to be a good wakeskater. Most people go a little slower on the wakeskate vs. wakeboard and hence the wake will be somewhat wider at the same lengths - so naturally you'd want to shorten the rope. <BR>I like to ride at 55' to 60' and 20 mph. The wake peaks up nice there at that speed on my boat and I can land wake to wake 180's and grabs without having to edge full blast at the wake. When I get board with doing that, then I'll lengthen.

blabel 05-28-2003 6:37 AM

Depends on the boat. 65-70 for rope length. My speed varies depending on what I am doing. A little faster for W2W and I'll have it slowed down for lip tricks.

oldschool 05-28-2003 6:51 AM

I think you should go slower to keep the board from catching wind and flying away while you are in the air.

kristian 05-28-2003 6:52 AM

I go slower and shorter too.

warlock00 05-28-2003 7:05 AM

Blabelmooch how much faster do you go when trying W2W's? <BR> <BR> <BR>Craig slower than 20? Any slower than that and I feel like I am sinking.

blabel 05-28-2003 7:15 AM

Maybe a notch or two on the PP. Heelside isn't as much of an issue but it's hard to get solid toeside cut at slower speeds.

ndh2o 05-28-2003 8:16 AM

I ride at 65' sometimes 70', both at 22 mph.

oldschool 05-28-2003 11:00 AM

I ride at 21-22, and about 60'.

hatepwcs 05-28-2003 11:35 AM

55' @ 17mph on the Perfect Pass.

fbroen 05-28-2003 12:56 PM

55' @ 21 or so. But I do feel like I am cheating on w2w. On the other hand, I case if I go longer, so I am having more fun riding the short rope and landing one every once on a while.

thinair 05-28-2003 2:31 PM

I ride at 23 mph and 70 feet behind a wakesetter with 2800+ pounds. Drop it down to 21 for lip tricks.

sb1 05-28-2003 3:37 PM


warlock00 05-29-2003 6:12 AM

are you guys riding at 65+ able to go W2W? Even at 60' I can only get the nose to the edge of the wake. Maybe I just need to sack up a little more and go for it... <BR> <BR>and if we had 2800+lbs in our boat we would have to go at least 28 mph(by the speedo not pp) to clean up the wake.

beercity 06-01-2003 11:39 AM

60' and 19mph. seems to work the best for me

thinair 06-03-2003 4:11 PM

70' behind my boat is perfect for w2w stuff. The wake isn't as good if you bring the rope in 5'. Everyones speedo is different, We ride 26 mph behind my friends 2000 wakesetter vlx weighted the same as mine, and 21 according to my speedo. I think the real speed is probably around 23.

rhys 06-05-2003 6:33 PM

Ya i ride at 65 ft and ride around 23mph. The extra rope helps so much cuz u can move farther out into the flast which gives u way more pendulem. I used to ride at 55 and i then i took it out to 65. A couple of weeks ago i tried riding at 55 again and it was scary man. i couldnt cut out. And dude. Dotn oput that much wate into the boat cuz then it jacks up the wake to much.

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