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mt_hed 05-23-2003 3:39 PM

I was wondering if I should get the cassette linear perspective 41 or hyperlite scape 112? I'm relatively new to wakeskating, and this will be my first one. I know I want a foam deck, and both have them and both are about 100 for me. Which one do you recommend? Any help will be appreciated greatly

kristian 05-23-2003 5:40 PM

how big are you, because both are basicaly the same. you just have to choose from a 41 and a 44(112). <BR>I'd go with the hyperlite, a little bigger board will make it easier to learn on.

pyrosmurf 05-24-2003 2:36 AM

I've had some bad experiences with Hyperlite skates. Hove a look and try and lay your hands on a new Mutiny deck. They are nice and wide, and came in a lot of different sizes too. <a href="http://www.mutinywake.com" target="_blank">www.mutinywake.com</a>

mt_hed 05-24-2003 7:03 AM

I am about 135 pounds. What happens with the hyperlite skates that is bad?

avalanche 05-25-2003 3:46 PM

i am 140 pounds and i ride the MUTINY 39.5 with kick tail and it is by far the best wakeskate.

phil_deez 05-29-2003 5:31 AM

Check out the Kampus line. The Swing series is sick, it's concave. <a href="http://www.kampuswakesk8.com" target="_blank">www.kampuswakesk8.com</a>

oldschool 05-29-2003 7:27 AM

Get the 3D Cassette. The concave makes it so much easier to ride. Feels like it's stuck to your feet. I got the 43, it's longer, but much easier to get pop off the wake. <BR> <BR>Some of the hyperlite skates were delaminating. It happened to a friend's board. Pretty much worthless when this happens.

mt_hed 06-03-2003 5:18 AM

The wood hyperlites like the scape series delam? Hmm... thats no good. I stood on the scape 112 in the store (i flipped the skate over so i was standing on the base) and kinda hopped around testing the flex of it. It seemed to flex more than the CWB Lucky which everybody claims to be super crappy because of all the flex. It may also be because the scape has a lot more rocker. Would it still be a good wakeskate to consider because I can get it pretty cheap, and I also like the hyperlite foam and the blue chicago graphics. Also, one more thing, does anybody know how well the hyperlite waterskate works (like a 2001 model) because Grubb rides one in All or Nothing and I kinda like the look of it. Is it a soft foam top and concave? Where could I possibly still get one and for how much? Thanx a lot for all the help guys and bearing with me while I try to make a good decision on my wakeskate purchase.

mike_hart 06-18-2003 6:31 PM

i tried the platinum 107, last year and i luved it. i havnt really tried any other board though. but it was my first time and it was great.

warlock00 06-19-2003 7:09 AM

Max I have already had to send my scape 112 in for a defect. I rode it for like 2 days and I guess it got some water under the sealant on the bottom and it just took off had a big runner down the bottom. But since I have gotten the new on in I have had no problem...except it looks like the varnish is coming off the top around the foam, and it is only about a month old now. Which ever brand you go with I would try to get a concave one. I am already read for another one.

andystrawn 06-19-2003 7:55 AM

for a cheap wood skate and cassette 41 is hard to beat, just be sure its a newer one with the 3 stage rocker. I would stay away from wood hyperlites, the new compression molded ones might be a good choice if you want one that lasts.

newrider 06-26-2003 3:41 PM

i am also new to the sport and bought a scape 107 but it hasnt even gotten here yet and im already nevos that i skrewed up in buying it ( it was 110). <BR>

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