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spin2win 03-31-2009 4:13 PM

Heading out next week, whats the water temp like???

sidekicknicholas 03-31-2009 4:23 PM

I haven't been in 3 months but even in Jan. it was ~68*.... only going to be better than that, which is trunk weather already

spin2win 03-31-2009 4:25 PM

sweet! I just surfed and the water was 53 and freaking freezing!!! <BR>look forward to trunking it

sidekicknicholas 03-31-2009 4:26 PM

As long as the air is 70* with some sun, which won't be an issue there this time of year you'll be golden.

kko13 03-31-2009 7:06 PM

have not been but the lakes in the area are low to mid 70's you will be fine.

jdwake1 04-01-2009 9:23 AM

I go there everyday it's about 76 it isn't even cold on your first fall!!!

spin2win 04-01-2009 9:56 AM

do i need a approved vest for the cable>>>

hyperlitejohn90 04-01-2009 10:38 AM

hey yes you need one i tried to wear my checkmate and they called me out right away

wakeboard19 04-01-2009 1:23 PM

I can vouch for the weather. I was down there for 4 days and came back with mean sunburn!

j_money 04-01-2009 1:55 PM

Truth on the Vest!!! I got called out on mine to! I was just there last thurs. and water temp was awesome!!! not sure what it was exactly but totally comfortable to trunk it. No one riding there was wearing sleeves.

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