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03-27-2009 11:05 AM

Whats up with the maven sessions this year? Can't seem to find any info or schedules... <BR> <BR>This is all i got: <BR> <BR>We are currently updating the website - please check back soon. <BR> <BR>Thanks, <BR>Liquid Force Maven

wkbrd 03-31-2009 1:54 AM

Thats because there will NOT be a Maven Session(s) this year.

04-01-2009 9:47 AM

Anyone know why? First Queen of Wake now Maven! I'm pissed. I thought the girls made such huge steps last year. I'm assuming the economy?

lizzy 04-01-2009 1:17 PM

The economy OR misappropriated marketing dollars. That stinks! Where's the love LF? <BR> <BR>Is there anything left?

lftaylor 04-01-2009 10:25 PM

I don't know Taylor text Stef Tor about 4 weeks ago and stef said there would not be a Maven Session this year but didn't give any info.

liquidforcemaven2009 04-10-2009 12:54 PM

Hey Ladies- <BR> <BR>We unfortunately will not be running Maven Sessions this summer. We were forced to make some tough cuts this year, and Maven Sessions unfortunately was a difficult one to see go. Hopefully as the economy gets back in order, it will be the first thing that we'll bring back. On a bright note, some of our team riders plan to hold some of their own clinics this summer. If interested, please feel free to contact Kara Austin (<a href="mailto:kara.austin@hotmail.com">kara.austin@ hotmail.com</a>) or Barrett Perlman (<a href="mailto:lfwaketiger@aol.com">lfwaketiger@aol. com</a>). Thanks!

madwakeskates 04-22-2009 9:07 PM

But Stef Tor did kill it on FUEL TV the other night<IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! good luck Lady

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