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lfrider92 03-25-2009 3:37 PM

how is the 6.5 hp winch? can you deep water start with it? <BR> <BR>im looking into it. i want to buy one after working this summer. <BR> <BR>any input would be sweet

cglass08 03-25-2009 3:41 PM

I don't think deep water starts would be a problem. I just got an 8hp one and it deep starts me (180 lbs) only giving like half - 3/4 throttle. E mail Ryan, the guy that makes them, I'm sure he could tell you.

lfrider92 03-25-2009 3:44 PM

what winch do you have? all the ones ive seen are a good 2300$ ++ thats why these caught my eye. plus mitch todl me they where really good

cglass08 03-25-2009 3:53 PM

I have a Pulldozer. Just got it a couple weeks ago. It is sick. Very well built and you can't really go wrong with Briggs and Stratton engine.

lfrider92 03-25-2009 3:55 PM

did it come with line? or did you have to buy it seperate. AND how long did it take to get it?

cglass08 03-25-2009 4:01 PM

About a week to build it and about a week to ship it. No it didn't come with line but there is a place that sells 650 feet for about 100 shipped.

lfrider92 03-25-2009 4:03 PM

okay. awesome. thanks for answering these questions. i found a sailing site a while back that sells this no stretch line for $.10 a foot. in he description it says most often used or wakeboarding

cglass08 03-25-2009 4:05 PM

<a href="http://www.seattlemarine.net/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=9374" target="_blank">http://www.seattlemarine.net/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=9374</a> This is where I got mine...guess it is only 600 feet.

lfrider92 03-25-2009 4:08 PM

thats the stuff i found. it used to be $.10 a foot thogh. thanks a ton bro

wakerider111 03-25-2009 4:24 PM

as for lines, bulletlines sells two nice lines at 2 lengths. <BR> <BR>there is also the yankmeister winch, i think it comes with some amsteel rope, it is cheaper, but it is also missing some of the features and style (IMO) of the pull dozer. <BR> <BR>i want a pull dozer soo bad, but i got to convince the wife and family to add a bit more money to our credit cards or borrow or something... ;(

lfrider92 03-25-2009 5:06 PM

i actually forgot to look up yankmeister. the look of those dont bother me at all. and they are way cheaper and it comes with line. so that might be a possibility as well. ay idea how the throttle works? they dont have any clear pictures of it

wake2wake_66 03-25-2009 5:10 PM

i have never seen a winch that wasn't attached to a truck or something. Do they have to be attached? How much are the pulldozer and the yankmister?

lfrider92 03-25-2009 5:15 PM

you can stake any winch to the ground. it doesnt have to be attached. the yankmeister is 1200 and it comes with line. and the 6.5 hp pull dozer is 1550 <BR>and the 8 hp is 1750 and the pull dozers dont come with line <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.myspace.com/pulldozer" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/pulldozer</a> <BR> <BR> <a href="http://www.myspace.com/yankmeisterwinchco" target="_blank">www.myspace.com/yankmeisterwinchco</a> <BR> <BR>im starting to lean toward the yankmeister.

wakedad33 03-25-2009 5:46 PM

Pull Dozer pulled the Wake lab qualifier last weekend in NorCal with the new 8 HP bent frames, they were money all day. The riders loved them.

cglass08 03-25-2009 5:47 PM

We use tie downs and strap our pulldozer to our dock and it works alright....a little sketch but that makes it more fun + its in our backyard so its worth it.

scott_a 03-25-2009 6:28 PM

I would pick up a Pulldozer and never bother looking back. You'll pay a tiny bit more than the Yankmeister, but the Briggs engine that ships with the Pulldozer will probably be around a whole lot longer than the knock off engine included with the Yankmeister.

wakemitch 03-25-2009 7:01 PM

go with the pulldozer. they are the best winches ive used. plenty of power and very smooth. they are easy to carry and move around too. 6.5hp is perfect, it keeps it lighter so you can carry it over fences but still has plenty of power to deep water start and speed for gaps.

lfrider92 03-25-2009 7:12 PM

scott. the yankmeister use honda motors. i used to ride a honda dirtbike and the motor was great. <BR> <BR>and i was wondering how long it would take until mitch posted on this <BR> <BR>and i just got an email from the guy that builds the pulldozer winches. and they dont make the small motor one anymore. so..... i wont have $1750 by the end of summer. my dad makes me put away half of all the money i make. and i know i wont make $4K this summer. <BR> <BR>one of the main reasons i want a winch is we have a pool at my school. and i plan to ride in it at the end of next year (ill be a senior) and no one i know has a winch. so due to the new found info and cost. i think ill end up with the yankmeister. i saw a thred a while back for a winch for like 700$ its got like a wood frame or something like that? anyone seen those around?

scott_a 03-25-2009 9:40 PM

I may be reading too much into the broken Engrish on their myspace page, but... <BR> <BR>"we use a copy of a 11 Horsepower Honda motor." <BR> <BR>Unless you've read elsewhere that they're actually using a Honda motor?

wakerider111 03-25-2009 9:46 PM

David C. <BR> <BR>what about going half and half or thirds or ... with some other peeps?

lfrider92 03-26-2009 7:40 AM

scott, your right, i didnt see that. thanks for pointing that out. <BR> <BR>and jeremy, i have 2 friends that wakeboard that is see regularly. one has no desire to have a winch. her family is loaded and she can ride when ever she wants. and the other spends all his money on beer... soo unfortunatly no one really to go in with. the one that spends all his money on beer has been trying to get me to buy one ffor like a year now. but wont throw anthing in.. so he isnt going to be able to use it when i get one

kcrider 03-26-2009 8:00 AM

Hey David the $700 one is by New wakeskates, BUT the price went up. They were just trying to move some inventory. I think it is still cheap though. I would go with the Yankmeister myself as the price is more my range and it does come with a honda engine which is really well built. Ya don't let any of those "friends" ride it unless they have something you can use; boat, jetski whatever. If he wants to spend it on beer than he can drink his bear while you ride and have fun. Or if he wants to ride he pays you $10-20 each time so you can make a little money back.

lfrider92 03-26-2009 8:07 AM

TS, its a knock off honda motor. but im still most interested in that one. and the 700$ one is now almost 1100$ and for 1200 i can get a metal frame. *laughs* and i really dont plan on letting any o them ride it. the only thing is the one that buys all the beer. has a truck and that way i have someone to man the controls...... sooo. its kind of a wash.

svt600 03-26-2009 8:18 AM

if you want to move to the east cost ill build you one for 700$ with a metal frame and a briggs 10hp motor! but moving is prob not an option... in my opinion all of the guys that make and sell them are charging way to much! i could make any of those designs for half what they charge! i no there just trying to make a livin.....

lfrider92 03-26-2009 8:20 AM

the east coast is lame bro. haha. i know hey could sell them for cheaper. but i also know they have to make a profit. i also know i could make one for less. we have a welder and every tool imaginable (my dad is a contractor) but id rather have one done that has some sort of a warranty. something i dont ave to worry about. ya know?

pierem 03-26-2009 8:44 AM

I just ordered the yankmeister, I think it's a really good one, espacially for the price, and with an 11 hp motor you won't have any problem to deep water start... <BR>I'll let you know how it works one i got it

wakerider111 03-26-2009 1:52 PM

better make sure that beer drinkin friend of yours isn't drunk when he drives your winch (on the back of the truch OR the winch itself) hahaha ;) <BR> <BR>have him pay for the gas. <BR>stop by a station and he can run in, pay the bill, and grab a can...

lfrider92 03-26-2009 3:46 PM

better make sure that beer drinkin friend of yours isn't drunk when he drives your winch (on the back of the truch OR the winch itself) hahaha ;) <BR> <BR>have him pay for the gas. <BR>stop by a station and he can run in, pay the bill, and grab a can... <BR> <BR>------ <BR> <BR>haha seriously. <BR> <BR>i he pays for gas ill be happy to lt him ride. <BR> <BR>and hes 16 sooo. he cant buy it. haha

w00taz 03-26-2009 5:11 PM

I want to see the video of the drunk friend forgetting the hitch pin and running the brand new winch into the water!

lfrider92 03-26-2009 5:19 PM

lmao. way to be an ass whole scott. lmao. <BR> <BR>realistically. its going to be at the beack more then anything. so it will be staked to the ground. and I WILL HANDLE THAT lmao

lfrider92 03-27-2009 9:18 PM

my dad is awesome. he knows how to do everything that you need to do in building one. she he said if i buy the parts. he will build it. what motors do you guys recomend?? links would be great.

waken4life 04-01-2009 11:12 AM

Pulldozer is the only winch I trust for gaps and other dangerous stuff. Ive had one for 2 years and the chain has never came off, engine has never died or even skipped a beat well worth the purchase! <BR> <BR>PULLDOZER 4 LIFE

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