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wakeworld 03-25-2009 2:45 PM

Many of you know that the WWA Wake Park Worlds and the Camsur Riders Cup are going off in The Philippines this week. However, you might not know about the "Ultimate Rider" competition that's taking place as well and I think it's pretty cool. <BR> <BR>For the first time ever, pro men riders will be collecting points to determine an overall winner of the entire event. The divisions that will be included will be the Pro Men Wakeboard division during the CamSur Rider's Cup (boat), the Pro Men Wakeboard division in the WWA Wake Park World Championships (cable), the Obstacles Only division during the WWA Wake Park World Championships (cable) and the Pro Men Wakeboard division of the CWC Rail Park Contest (Sesitec System 2.0). The rider with the most cumulative points in these four divisions at the end of the event will collect an additional $8,000 USD! <BR> <BR>To keep you up on everything, we've got Austin Hair there reporting daily with all the happenings at <a href="http://wakeworld.com/getarticle.asp?articleid=2117" target="_blank">http://wakeworld.com/getarticle.asp?articleid=2117</a>. He'll also be one of the riders competing for the Ultimate Rider title, so let's wish him all luck! <BR> <BR>You can also check out a live stream of the events at <a href="http://www.camsurwatersportscomplex.com" target="_blank">www.camsurwatersportscomplex.com</a>.

wakeworld 03-25-2009 3:10 PM

Forgot to ask, who do you think will win the Ultimate Rider title?

lfadam 03-25-2009 6:06 PM

I dont know who is actually competing but if Rathy is I think he would. Hes a contest rider, hes really good at rails, and he always goes for it in contests..he doesnt just have fun and sees what happens like some of the best pros. It seems like hes more of a train guy

lfxstar 03-25-2009 6:09 PM

Tom Fooshee, Keith Lidberg, Andrew Adkison, or Nick Davies...

kneeboarddad 03-25-2009 6:47 PM

What? Austin is in the Philippines? He's a full time student. There's no way. Are you sure that's Austin? I don't remember a PI trip in the syllabus. I thought the tuition was a little steep this semester.

liquidmalibu 03-25-2009 7:32 PM

sam collins for the surprise victory

supradoug 03-25-2009 8:38 PM

David, spring break a week late....lol

liquid_force24 03-26-2009 5:57 AM

nah BoBo isnt riding that well <BR> <BR>my guess is between Tom who is riding off the hook atm <BR> <BR>and Nicky D (who suprisingly is actually taking it seriously)

hoosairboy 03-26-2009 11:23 AM

Pretty cool format and venue. That would be a neat tour format if there were a couple of more venues that had boat, cable and winch. <BR> <BR>Are there no woman riders?

drwakeair 03-26-2009 1:05 PM

Kyle's picks seem pretty legit to me, at least the first three. I haven't seen too much footage of Nick Davies' riding behind the boat so I can't match him up against the big guns. <BR> <BR>Lidberg is super legit on rails and cable and seems to have the it in his riding ability to be able to throw down the hammers needed behind the boat. <BR> <BR>Fooshee has sick spins and raley varietions off ramps and the wake. His cable riding is big and mad technical. <BR> <BR>I've seen Adkison compete on the cable before. I doubt he will rank top 5, but he could place above some of the other riders. If he gets first in the boat then he should have a chance. <BR> <BR>Webb, Henshaw, Rathy, Errington, and LaRiche would be other main contenders I can think of... if those guys are riding. I'm going to have to pick Webb for the overall number one spot though. Gosh, I am bored in class.

kneeboarddad 03-26-2009 1:55 PM

I don't know the winch results outside of Austin's heat. JD 1st, Austin 2nd and Lidberg 3rd. Only one advanced to next round. They all 3 killed it. I would put JD in contention.

lfxstar 03-26-2009 2:22 PM

Yep, Nick is pretty strong behind the boat. He took down Adkison twice last year in two contests. Honestly, the one weakness that I would say he has would be the winch jam. <BR>If Jimmy is there, which I don't think he is, he would definitely be in my list of five because he has enough cable tricks to make it through that grouping.

toby_yeo 03-26-2009 3:25 PM

I would probably say lideberg as i know he shreds all three. Nick also is a heavy contender but i agree with Kyle the whinch jam will be his down fall...did anyone else see nicks backside 9 with 10 seconds left in the rails only jam last night on the webcast? i nearly had a fit.

lfadam 03-26-2009 3:26 PM

ah I didnt know Nick Davies or Fooshee were riding. They are definitely favorites, I could see Lidberg too

georgi 03-27-2009 6:01 AM

One more for Davies, Foshee or Lidberg.

rorowake 03-27-2009 11:22 AM

Dave- I thought this was the ultimate rider contest... SNOW- SKATE- SURF <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.ultimateboarder.com/event-athletes.php" target="_blank">http://www.ultimateboarder.com/event-athletes.php</a> <BR> <BR>Jeff Weatherall will be competing

beckycarter 03-27-2009 11:37 AM

Al is there! Hope he's doin' good.

teamvaldez 03-27-2009 12:22 PM

How are the women doing???

wakeworld 03-27-2009 3:06 PM

Yeah, Jeff just emailed me about that one. Kind of lame that they don't include wake, so I'm not sure that would be the Ultimate Boarder.

ralph 03-27-2009 10:33 PM

Pro mens boat on now!

kneeboarddad 03-28-2009 9:23 AM

World Series- Behind the boat <BR>Semi final results- Top 1 advances <BR>Smith 98/ Lidberg 90/Collins81 <BR>Adkinson 94.75/Hair 93.75/Webb 65 <BR>Davies 91/ Hanson 90/C Bradley 89 <BR>Soven 100/ Foshie 90/ Watkins 80 <BR> <BR>Wakeskate semi finals <BR>Finals will be Hanson, Harlos, Taylor and Pasture <BR> <BR>Austin rode really well and ended up 5th. Andrew edged him out in semis. He also got 5th in wakeskate which really surprised him since doesn't get to train on wakeskate. Finals are Sunday.

lfxstar 03-28-2009 1:00 PM

Well I guess that answers everyones questions about how Nick is behind the boat, lol. Not that easy to take out contest machine T Hansen

blakehess1 03-28-2009 6:53 PM

Tom and JD Webb are the only two left with a chance to win it. JD has 9th in boat and cable, Tom was 5th in rail park and boat. Tom is alive in Cable and JD is alive in Rail park and they are both in the finals of the obstacle only on the cable. Tom has a slight lead but JD really stepped up on the cable and beat tom head to head in the rail park. It has been fun to watch so far!

wkbrdr 03-28-2009 8:12 PM

That should broadcast the PWT like this!!!

hoosairboy 03-28-2009 9:21 PM

Thanks Mr Williams and Austin for the coverage. Will there be a photo gallery and videos.

alevitt 03-30-2009 1:10 PM

So who actually won the Ultimate Rider? Congrats to Deano for winning the boat comp.

lfxstar 03-30-2009 1:22 PM

Tom Fooshee won

brutto_76 03-30-2009 2:55 PM

Nick Davies did good - winning cable and third in boat.

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