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wakebums 03-20-2009 5:55 AM

<b>I'm getting a new board this year. I got a chance to ride the new Murray last year and I loved it! ( Thanks Shawn!) I have a Watson now, but its three years old and the new one looks sweet. And I've been looking at the Slingshot boards.. I weigh in at 250 at 6' tall and I only have a backroll and 360 under my belt.. Which one would be best for my weight! I want to get more pop!!!!! I need as much help as possible.. Please help.. Thanks.</b>

michaelb 03-20-2009 7:03 AM

i would say get the murray or maybe slingshot cause everybody says they land like a pillow.

wakemikey 03-20-2009 8:02 AM

Newer Watsons have the single-double concave on the bottom which is just a big spine. Makes flats landings feel like wake landings. Have not ridden Murray or Slingshot ...yet.

lfrider92 03-20-2009 8:04 AM

the watson is pretty sweet. i get good pop with it and a better ollie with it then my lyman

jdwake1 03-20-2009 8:04 AM


sidekicknicholas 03-20-2009 8:08 AM

+1 for slingshot. once you are use to it, it pops like nothing else.... and the landings are super soft.

wakecourage 03-20-2009 8:39 AM

Being 6' 250 i would suggest the largest of the three boards. Typically big the board = bigger pop.Not to through in another board but the 146 marek would probably be a good fit for you.

steve_jones 03-20-2009 8:51 AM

I tried about 25 boards last year and also the year before. Was always a Double Up Pure Ride guy so it was hard to find something I didn't have to get "used to". <BR> <BR>The Murray is simply the best board I've ever ridden. Greg Nelson and Shaun really put together an awesome shape. It's responsive, forgiving, and has incredible pop with minimal effort. You don't have to feel it out or get used to it. All skill levels can hop on it and dig it. (You may also like the Marek or Tribute.) <BR> <BR>The Watson or Shane bindings are also the best I've ridden. They are like slippers - no pressure points, good flexibility (more on the Shane's), and you can ride forever without your feet aching. <BR> <BR>(For full disclosure - our camp is sponsored by Hyperlite but I call it like I see it. You can't go wrong either way.)

intotheflats 03-20-2009 8:55 AM

with the Murray you could go with the 145 size.

wakebums 03-20-2009 9:12 AM

I have the last year of the Hyperlite Parks 144 and it seems to big and heavy for my liking.. Its like a tank. I did ride the Murray 140 last summer when he was doing his pay it forward board series and I loved it... I will be dropping my weight this summer to around 230lbs though.. I do it every year.. (Winter Fat) LOL.. I just didnt know how well the SS were.. I want the most pop possible. I rarely land in the flats but when I do it hurts.. But the cable park landing are fine to me for some reason.. I just want to go big on the lake..

joshwrighttexas 03-20-2009 10:13 AM

Slingshot also makes a 145

snwmot 03-20-2009 10:51 AM

Company Watson designed the severance

lfboardboomer 03-20-2009 11:24 AM

I would go Watson. I have been riding the 138 for four seasons straight now. I have openly minded tested the Lyman, Shane, and a few Slingshots, and I am still most impressed by the Watson. Strong board with super pop, and in my opinion soft landings in the flats. Thats coming from one previously blown knee. Since your bigger I would go with the 142 for sure. Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by lfboardboomer on March 20, 2009)

wakerider111 03-20-2009 2:47 PM

SS Recoil (3 stage) 142 or reflex 141 (progressive <i>mild</i> 3 stage)... there is also the response, but it seems like you go more for the threestage or hybrid rockers from the choices you listed? <BR> <BR>as nick said <blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>...once you are use to it, it pops like nothing else.... and the landings are super soft.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR>I am at about the same riding level as yourself and slingshot/ flexboard(s) has helped me re-live and re-love wakeboarding more than before... but with that said, i have never ridden the murray or watson.

jsquared 03-21-2009 4:12 AM

In my opinion you just can't go wrong with the Murray. It is always best to demo but it sounds like you did that already. Get the Murray you will not regret it! <BR> <BR>JD

03-21-2009 4:44 AM

i ride an 08 murray 145. it is the most consistent riding board i have ever ridden. without question it tracks better than anything i have ridden too. the pop is about a 9 out of 10. the stability is unbelievable. there is very little drag. i still ride it with the center fin and it does take an extra moment for it to release off of the wake but i suspect that will change when i remove that fin. i am keeping the center fin on until i get consistent on jumping the wake toeside. the landings are soft but not quite as soft as the 08 byerly or the 08 transcend.

wakebums 03-27-2009 8:41 AM

Thanks guys.. I think I'm going to go with the Murray! When I got in on the pay it forward thing last year it sold me on that board! It was solid and fun. I was just curious about the others.. Thanks Shawn for letting me use your board!!!!!! You got a sale out of it.

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