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oldboarder 05-20-2003 3:40 PM

The display on my stock (in 98 nautique) clarion head unit (tape-CD controller) just gave up the ghost. Anyone have an old stock system laying around for cheap? (wife could care less about loud music so I have to live with it for a while)

motoxer 05-20-2003 4:49 PM

I have an Alpine CD deck CDE7827 that I was getting ready to post. I will send it to you for 50 bucks + shipping. If you are interested I will send you some pics. Its 25Wx4 with a detachable face.

oldboarder 05-21-2003 7:15 AM

Interested, post some pics please.

motoxer 05-21-2003 11:44 AM

Ray, <BR>I'll do it tonite and send them direct to your e-mail in your profile. <BR>Scott <BR>

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