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lrbs_xstar 03-18-2009 6:29 AM

Wi need some help on picking out the hardest hitting sub for my 2001 mastercraft xstar. i want to replace the sub under the steering wheel and i want something that is worth the money. what do you guys recommend?

colombiansurfer 03-18-2009 6:37 AM

Wetsounds XXX fo so!

david_e_m 03-18-2009 7:58 AM

There are a few qualifications before a subwoofer can be recommended for your particular application. <BR> <BR>How much power do you have available to drive the sub, make/model and 2 channels or monoblock? <BR> <BR>What are the dimensions of the space that is available for a sub enclosure? <BR> <BR>David E.M.

lrbs_xstar 03-18-2009 8:04 AM

im buying the new mtx 4 channel amp for my system and its a 12 inch sub

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