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motoxer 05-19-2003 6:16 PM

I'm coming to the end of my stereo project on my boat and have one item yet to be resolved. Please help if you can........ <BR> <BR>I have a 4 channel amp that I am using to power 2 tower speakers and one sub under the dash. My question is what is the best way to wire up just one sub? I can wire it to the "left" stereo side of the amp or the "right" stereo side of the amp but that doesn't seem like it is the right way to do it. Is there some way to run it in a "mono" mode rather than just connecting it to the left or right outputs?

timmy 05-19-2003 6:25 PM

consult your owners manual

motoxer 05-19-2003 6:46 PM

Generally I am a big fan of reading the directions but this amp is leftover from about 6-7 years ago so I'm out of luck in that department. Its a Profile amp with 2 built in crossovers (one hi and one lo).

timmy 05-19-2003 6:50 PM

odds are the bridge mono is l+ and r+ which one serves as + and which one serves as - are beyond me.

bob 05-20-2003 1:50 AM

id say it will only work if its "Tri-Mode capable" which i believe is what Tim is saying.

elmog 05-20-2003 6:54 AM

Get a 'dual voice coil' sub which permits both sides to connect to it.

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