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tyerone44 05-19-2003 3:32 PM

i have just bought a pylon, i own a mastercraft. It has the hook up front. do i attach the cable to the hook or around the boat itself, or both. i have seen people do it both ways, what is the correct safe way?

jeffr 05-19-2003 3:42 PM

I have seen people run the strap around the bow and through the bow hook. Then attach the cable to the loop formed around the bow. If you are going to leave the pylon up when you tow… double check if having the strap go through the bow hook will interfere with getting your boat secured on your trailer.

mastercraft1995 05-19-2003 3:45 PM

It goes through the eye that holds the boat on the trailer. I also always remove the strap before I put the boat on, if you don't it will rub the strap. And chaffing is a bad thing.

gunz 05-19-2003 6:43 PM

I do it like Jeff was saying.If you tow with it on you'll have to tighten it up again when you get there.No biggie.

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