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ldurnal 05-19-2003 9:54 AM

I've e-mailed them twice inquiring about a tower and they have deleted my e-mail both times with no response. I hardly think they accidently deleted it twice. Anyone else have trouble getting info from them?

tommyg 05-19-2003 10:34 AM

Their customer service sucks. I bought my pylon speakers from them, and it took forever. I actually tried to cancel the order after like 6 weeks, and of course they showed up like two days later...

sandbag 05-19-2003 11:46 AM

Customer service is the worst. <BR>My polished racks pitted in 6 mos. <BR>I asked about exchanging them for a power <BR>coated version. <BR>They told me I must live too close to salt water. <BR>I pretty sure I know where I live. <BR>They also told me I must not have taken very <BR>good care of them. (They were only 6 mos old.) <BR>Then they told me N-O, NO. <BR> <BR>SCREW WAKEDESIGNS!!!! <BR> <BR>There are plenty of hungry companies out there <BR>who really want your business and are willing <BR>to work for it! <BR> <BR>And, to those of you who noticed I said <BR>something very similar in an other post... <BR> <BR>SCREW CUTTER PROPS TOO!!!!!!

ldurnal 05-19-2003 2:48 PM

Damn, I guess I don't like that tower much after all...

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