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amark 03-02-2009 8:23 PM

I just wanted to give a shout out to the guys/gals involved in the Gauntlet. I just got my copy today in the mail. Its a sick vid you guys!!! Great work!! I had forgotten i put my name on the list so it was a nice pleasant surprise in the mail today haha....But yeah dudes props on the great movie, looks like you got a sweet team going.

wakeboardern1 03-03-2009 8:16 AM

Thanks dude! The other topic is kinda dying off, which either means that people are just like, meh, whatever, or they haven't received their copy yet... <BR> <BR>Anyways, we're going to make an attempt at this again next year. The people on the team are progressing like crazy. In the time that we were filming, for example, Jeff started sticking indy backside 180's, followed with different grabs, ts bs 180's, hs bs 3s, sw bs 3s, sw hs bs 180s. Daniel Maine learned batwings, but he also spent a good portion of the filming period recovering from a blown out knee. Davis's one set in the video was his first time riding in four months. <BR> <BR>Based on that kind of progress and stuff, next year's video will have better riding to complement it. So yeah. I need to work on filming though, cause I kinda suck at it.

helinut 03-03-2009 8:52 AM

I recieved my copy this last weekend. Very nice work. One recommendation I would make is to film it in widescreen format. I just bought a 32 inch 1080P LCD and it would have been nice to have it fill the monitor. <BR> <BR>One other thought. Possibly let us watch more of the video in real time. To me, watching all the jumps in slo mo takes some of the coolness out of it. I like to see how fast you really have to move to get that back roll in without splashing down. <BR> <BR>Very nice video though! Keep it up!

benjaminp 03-03-2009 8:53 AM

My copy is sitting at my house, Ill let you know how much I love it as soon as I get my hands on it. I also forgot I put my name on the list so it was a great surprise to hear it came.

wakekat15 03-03-2009 9:37 AM

Nick - I am out of town, but got word my DVD arrived. I am anxious to see it! Thanks so much!!

wakeboardern1 03-03-2009 10:30 AM

Hmm, seems to fill my widescreen okay. <BR> <BR>Shawn, I ran out of footage for some of the riders, so I had to use a bunch more slowmo than I wanted to. I'll keep that in mind for the next video though, thanks! Oh, and based on that, did you like Brian's/Paul's section? All but a few parts were full speed. I thought it felt sloppy though because of all the cuts. This year, there'll be a lot more footage, so less slowmo than this one, yay! I do agree with you. Every time I watch Edan's section I think, "damn, too much slowmo." <BR> <BR>Also, the entire thing was filmed in widescreen. I'll try and figure out why it didn't fill your screen though, since it fills out my 32 inch 1080i LCD just fine... Will definitely look into that though bro, thanks for the heads up. I do know that TVs with a 4:3 ratio tend to cut off the sides of the video...

helinut 03-03-2009 10:40 AM

Hmm. Well I'll take another look at it then, but there seemed to be quite a bit of it in 4:3. But then again, this was the first DVD I watched through my Xbox360 and the new monitor so some settings may need to be adjusted. <BR> <BR>I understand now on the slo mo. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I know from experience that is takes a crap load of video to make just a 10 minute clip, let alone 40 to 50 minutes. I used to do skydiving vids and R/C model vids. 30 minutes of shot video for a 3 minute clip.

mike2001 03-03-2009 11:10 AM

Nick, just got it yesterday and watched last night. Here's my review...keep in mind I've never edited video, my experience is based on other videos I've seen. <BR> <BR>For a 1st full length vid, it was very well done. With more experience and a bigger budget, I think you could hold your own against others in the industry...reminded me of a less refined Scrubs of the South. Good use of different angles (the less from the towboat, the better). I agree w/ Shawn, probably too much slo mo, but I liked it b/c it lets you see the small details of the trick, whether a grabs thrown in or its poked. <BR> <BR>The intros for a couple of the riders were good b/c they broke up the riding footage. The tricks were well edited to the music. I didn't care much for the techno-ish song halfway through, but thats personal preference. <BR> <BR>For future releases, the only suggestions I have are more rider intros and some footage from the tube (which probably goes w/ a bigger budget). <BR> <BR>Overall, great job. Hope this helps.

wakeboardern1 03-03-2009 11:21 AM

I wanted more tube footage, but my camera somehow tore up the front of the waterproof housing, so that idea got canceled. Plus I needed to buy a squeegee to keep water off of the front of it. The autofocus on the camera loves the beads of water on the housing as well, so I have 40 minutes of amazing footage of water sliding around on the housing with an odd shape flying around in the background. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>And rider intros are definitely going to be better this time. I think I'm going to run with the now ever so popular interview quote before the video section. I've heard that comment a few times. <BR> <BR>I'm loving the relatively honest reviews guys! Keep 'em coming. <BR> <BR>Did I mention that the first trailer for this video was the first time I had edited wakeboard video, and only the second video that I had ever edited? Talk about amateur stuff. =P

mc_x15 03-03-2009 12:42 PM

NICK great job, appreciate everything.

helinut 03-03-2009 12:45 PM

One thing to do is set your auto focus to manual and then set it to infinity. On decently bright day's you'll never have to worry about the focus since the iris will be small (i.e. f/stop). I did this for skydiving vids and never had an out of focus issue.

wakeboardern1 03-03-2009 1:18 PM

Yeah, my camera doesn't have manual focus. It's beyond irritating. I'm planning on upgrading to a better camera next year, but right now the Canon HG10 will have to do.

jpminter 03-03-2009 3:01 PM

Thanks for all the kind words guys. Nick seriously put tons of time into this and it wouldn't surprise me if he is failing out of school now haha.

tallen74 03-03-2009 4:06 PM

Got my dvd on friday!! Watched it that day, props to you and the teams. You really put alot of time and effort into this so we all could enjoy...

cwaker4 03-03-2009 7:08 PM

also got my copy of the dvd and was impressed, you guys have a prety solid crew. i am on the long beach state team and were starting to get a video going and gauntlet was a great one to check out.

bmartin 03-03-2009 8:33 PM

Thanks....got me itching to ride. May your crew have a great season.

balr54 03-03-2009 11:15 PM

Definitely enjoyed the dvd Nick. You and your crew did a great job!!

dukeno1 03-04-2009 3:25 AM

Thanks Nick! Thought the video was great and appreciate the effort you put into it!! I am ready for warm weather...)

inty399 03-04-2009 5:24 AM

its TIGHT.

jeffcanary62 03-04-2009 11:02 AM

Thanks for the support everyone. Like Paul said nick put a huge amount of time and effort into this video. <BR> <BR>Those of you have mad donations to the Virginia Tech wakeboard club, thank you a lot. Will be sending out some personal thank yous but the donations are much appreciated.

njskier 03-04-2009 6:25 PM

Nick, I really enjoyed the vid. <BR>I'm having some friends over this weekend that have not seen it yet so I'll throw it on for them to check out. <BR> <BR>Great riding Nick, Jeff and Paul (and others)

wakeboardern1 03-05-2009 12:40 PM

Thanks again guys, I'm stoked that people are enjoying it, despite the obvious newbieness of the entire video. <BR> <BR>Kyle Duffy, if you see this post, hit me up with a PM, I have an envelope sitting here labeled for you, but I could have sworn that I already sent your copies out.

jaybee 03-05-2009 12:47 PM

Just watched it and man I think for the second video you have ever edited it is a great piece of film.

hawkeye7708 03-05-2009 1:00 PM

Nick, that was a great video. No doubt. Everybody whose watched it so far has really enjoyed it. Thanks again for offering to share that with everybody!

tp83 03-05-2009 2:34 PM

Sick vid, Thanks for sharing it.

waterdork88 03-05-2009 5:49 PM

sending out another thanks. I showed it to my friends and they loved it. Nick, I know the songs are in the credits, but I'm a slow writer, can you give me the list of songs. <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

otown_dave 03-05-2009 8:11 PM

Great job Nick! I've seen professional stuff not done as well. Also a nice bit of talent on the team. Good job guys!!

wakeboardern1 03-06-2009 12:48 AM

Yeah, here they are: <BR> <BR>Part of My Demise - Pilot (Cody Lee Dopps) <BR>Ultimate Victory - Chamillionaire <BR>Hunting for Witches - Bloc Party <BR>Does it Offend You? - Yeah We are Rockstars (may be the other way around?) <BR>Without Eyes - Algebraic Satellite <BR>Can't Sleep - Jimmy Blazer <BR>Channeled Control - Baker Family Band <BR>The Disco - Snakeosaurus Rex <BR>Paranoia - Swollen Members <BR>Love - Jumping the Gun <BR> <BR>All but the obvious four are indie bands without labels (as of the time of obtaining their music for use. That might have changed). <BR> <BR>I'm planning on using a few more Snakeosaurus Rex songs in the next video, since I loved the vibe of their music.

wakeboardern1 03-27-2009 12:56 AM

Okay, quick bump. One of the bands that gave me their music didn't get their copy due to some shipping problem. Which means some random dude somewhere got like, 3 copies of the video for no reason... *sigh* <BR> <BR>Did anyone else who ordered a copy not get one? <BR> <BR>Not having this video to fill up my spare time is leaving me so incredibly bored. So in that vein, I'm announcing this next year's video here. Hopefully I'll find a way to cut costs a little bit, cause they started to run up this year, but yeah, HEYO! <BR> <BR> <BR><font size="+1"><font color="0000ff">Gnarcolepsy</font> - December 2009</font> <BR> <BR>Riders that have all signed on to this year's project (some are a little tentative) <BR> <BR>Edan Fletcher <BR>Jeff Goldblum <BR>Paul Minter <BR>Brian Benjamin <BR>Josh Settlage <BR>Casey Svehlak <BR>Joel Wagner <BR>Lee Wagner <BR>Robby McFarland <BR>Sam Baker <BR>Zach Ashton <BR>Walter Scheib <BR>Chris Kah <BR>Adam Van Dyke <BR>Daniel Maine <BR>Brett Fiskus <BR> <BR>And a bunch of new members of the VT Wakeboard Club who aren't actually members yet, so they don't know that they're going to be in this just yet. Hahahaha.

njskier 03-27-2009 6:22 AM

Nick, I look forward to your next film. <BR> <BR>Love the name..........do you fall asleep in class alot? Hahaha <BR> <BR>Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder (a dyssomnia) characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep. The condition is most characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), in which a person experiences extreme tiredness and possibly falls asleep during the day at inappropriate times, such as at work or school. A narcoleptic will most probably experience disturbed nocturnal sleep, which is often confused with insomnia, and disorder of REM or rapid eye movement sleep.

dppaneig 03-27-2009 6:57 AM

Hey Nick, thanks for the video. That is really cool that you guys did this and I am sure you had a blast. A donation will be in the mail for you.

lfadam 03-27-2009 3:04 PM

Gnarcolepsy heck yea! cant wait to get out on the water and film too. im stoked for this season

fullspeed 03-27-2009 3:16 PM

Nick I wanted to thank you as well. I got mine in the mail weeks ago and just recently had time to watch it the other day. Great Video. <BR> <BR>Do me a favor and email me home address I want to send you something as a thank you. <BR> <BR>Brannon

wakeboardern1 03-27-2009 3:28 PM

Adam, you think you're stoked? I'm so freaking pumped on this. The playlist is starting to look really solid too. <BR> <BR>And Dave, if I haven't had a caffeine pill or a monster 30 minutes before the class, well then class=naptime. I'm still doing oddly well despite that. <BR> <BR>Also, I'm going to attempt to get some people to sponsor this video (like, legitimately sponsor it), so that the club has an easier time affording the costs, as well as to hopefully buy rights to songs and stuff, make it that much more legit. That's one thing that bugged me about a few sections in Gauntlet, but after 10 hours of crappy myspace music, I only had a few decent bands to show for it, and only 4 of the responded. <BR> <BR>GNARCOLEPSY- A brain disorder in which the gnarcoleptic individual lapses into uncontrollable fits of gnar. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakeboardern1 on March 27, 2009)

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