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bambamski 05-18-2003 2:23 PM

I've pretty much bought the new truck, however I'm stuck on which color to get. I want it too match my boat which has a black stripe, white trailer, and the sticker has some silver in it with a little bit of red background. <BR>I'm thinking Showdow grey with the silver fleck and a black stipe on the bottom. The wife wants red with a silver or beige stripe on the bottom. She's the one driving it by the way. <BR> <BR>I told her red is tougher to keep clean and cops give red vehicles more tickets. I was also wondering does the red faid much over time? I think the grey would look better over a couple of years myself. Opinions??

aka Bradley Beach 05-19-2003 7:37 AM

Actually Red gets just as dirty as other colors it just looks cleaner because its harder to see the dirt (IMO). My parent's have owned 5 red vehicles and I've owned one and none of them ever faded. Although we tend to wax and take good care of them. I'd match the biggest color on the boat, again IMO.

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