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mbsteve 05-16-2003 11:25 AM

i have one amp grounded to the battery, im adding another amp. can i run a ground wire off the new amp to the old amp, instead of running another ground wire to the battery?

mbsteve 05-16-2003 1:06 PM


magic 05-16-2003 1:15 PM

You can do it, I would not. <BR> <BR>Your amp's positive and neg. cables should be the same size. <BR> <BR>So, if you are running a 4 gauge + you should run a 4 gauge - cable too. <BR> <BR>What you might want to do, is either run an other cable back to the battery or <BR>run a distribution block between the battery and amps. Run both amps the to the distro block and then a larger wire to the battery. <BR> <BR>You also, want to keep the ground wires as short as posible.

mbsteve 05-16-2003 4:57 PM

my power and grnd. are both 8gau. i was going to run another piece of 8gau. in between the two amps.

timmy 05-16-2003 5:26 PM

if your amps are not super huge it will probably be fine to do that. my amps are right near my battery so i found it easier (and cheaper) to simply run separate wires to the battery, with separate fuses.

tcaton 05-16-2003 9:21 PM

Steve I see you live in Vancouver and own a MB Sport, I live in Vancouver and have a MB too . If I were you I would run a distribution block for both power and ground with 8 gauge wire or one size larger then run 2 or 4 from there to the battery and install a fuse right before the battery all this depends on what size amps you have you can e-mail me your phone number if you have other questions or need help. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by tcaton on May 16, 2003)

mbsteve 05-17-2003 2:50 PM

thanks tom,im doing the install right now.

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