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spinner_x 02-22-2009 11:53 AM

Me and a couple buddies of mine are driving down to Florida for Spring Break and wanted to stay around either Ski Rixen or OWC. The problem is we are 20 and it seems like all hotels around there need you to be 21 to reserve a room. <BR> <BR>If anyone knows a place we could stay, or maybe even someone who could give us a pull while we are down there that would be great!

sidekicknicholas 02-22-2009 12:57 PM

How many people do you have? how long? and how much are you looking to spend all of you, total.

spinner_x 02-22-2009 1:59 PM

there are 3 of us total. We'd need somewhere to stay from the 10th-14th. We're looking as cheap as possible. 90 a night at the most..

eternalshadow 02-22-2009 2:06 PM

Find a hostel? Or see if they have one? Have you considered a campground? Some campgrounds also rent out bunks/cabins. <BR> <BR>Oh and remember your spare change if you're driving, damn toll roads.

spinner_x 02-22-2009 2:36 PM

We actually just got a timeshare transferred to Orlando. Really nice place called Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa. <BR> <BR>We'll be down there from the 9th-14th of March so if anyone wants to come down to OWC for that week hit us up!

wakeborder5 02-22-2009 3:52 PM

Yeah, if anyone in the Orlando wants to give the three of us a pull while we're there, it would be greatly appreciated and we would give gas money and help out with boat clean up and what not.

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