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joe_burgess 02-22-2009 3:32 AM

O8 CBW zeus. 08 ronix one.Or o8 byerly. I want a really comfortable binding.

texastbird 02-22-2009 6:21 AM

You need to test fit them. Bindings vary and so do feet, so binding comfort is a very personal thing. <BR> <BR>I will say that I am a big fan of the CWB hinge. It holds your heel in place super tight and yet entry and exit is very easy. <BR> <BR>That said, I just picked up a pair of LF Cabs that are super comfortable and light. I had always been interested in the Cabs. Recently found a pair in my size on closeout - gave em a demo ride and fell in love :-) <BR> <BR>Demo demo demo!

joe_burgess 02-22-2009 6:43 AM

well its hard for me 2 test them because there is no shops round me there all to far 2 get to. so i thought i ask.

wiz 02-22-2009 8:42 AM

i like slingshot pb floyds. they are by far the most comfortable i've ever owned.

benjaminp 02-22-2009 9:01 AM

I love it when people ask which is better, and are given an answer that isnt one of the options. Although I am sure the PB Floyds are also a very solid choice. <BR>All three of those boots are pro-level boots, so I dont think you can really go wrong with them as far as design and construction goes. It would be worth reading the reviews on the wakeworld bindings page, but other than that, go deal hunting.

wakerider111 02-22-2009 9:42 AM

It comes pretty cliche for us to recommend demoing and such (but it is a must-to-be-made-at-least-once-statement), but your doing a good thing by researching all you can. most of the time that is what i have to do too. IF you have a trip planned in the future, try to stop by some stores while out of town. you probably got some time left till the water warms up. <BR> <BR>----------------------------------------- <BR> <BR>i think either the zeus or one. seems i have heard from a couple of people that the "suspension" frame thing on the 08 Byerly boots (and Murray boots) was not that good. but they do have excelent reviews on the review section though <BR> <BR>the hinge is pretty sweet, i would agree. i like my '07 ones and the '08 have a ton of improvement <BR> <BR>the ronix ONE has a heat-mold-able liner that would add a bit of a "custom fit" these liners (also in slingshot boots) will take shape of the finest details, but in a subtle way. the biggest change you might get is about 1/4 of an inch where your big toe would be and your medial and latteral malleolus of the ankle. this said from the experience i have had from my Slingshot boots (D2 boots) which i have enjoyed.

wakeboard19 02-22-2009 12:04 PM

Just tried on the new ronix bindings in the shop. They are rediculous. They are so light and comfortable. The new base plates are sweet to as you are now right on the board. <BR>The new byerlys are better than last year but are still really stiff and thick up around the ankle so will take a while to break in. The tongue is to big and pushes hard on your lower leg which makes it go numb.

sidekicknicholas 02-22-2009 12:10 PM

For nothing but comfort there are my votes: <BR>08 + -SS PB Floyd or D3 (feel the same, just more/less stiff) <BR>08 + -Lf Vantage or Shane (base is so soft) <BR>09 -Ronix One's

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