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treycleaton 02-20-2009 3:59 PM

I've been researching flex boards for a little while. I think I want to pull the trigger on a 09 Slingshot Reflex. I am 5'7 160lbs. Should I consider the 137 or 141? I am leaning towards the 137, but trying to find advantage in the 141 (if any for my size and weight). Thanks in advance.

Slingshot 02-20-2009 4:15 PM

I would go with the 141. The board is really light weight and responsive. They don't feel like you are riding a big board.

treycleaton 02-20-2009 5:20 PM

Do you think the landings will be much softer witht the 141?

coyotesexual 02-20-2009 7:33 PM

Man im 5'6 and 160 and i switch off between the 142 and the 138 Recoil. if i were you were you i would go with the 141, you want notice that its a large board, Slingshot's are thin and light and really easy to move around.

wakerider111 02-20-2009 8:30 PM

another vote for the larger. 141 <BR>many people tend to agree that larger boards land softer too <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakerider111 on February 20, 2009)

treycleaton 02-21-2009 5:42 AM

Cool, I am used to smaller boards but it sounds like I'd be just fine with the 141. Thanks...

wakerider111 02-21-2009 9:33 PM

i was used to a 137 size (traditional board) before and then got stuck demoing a 142 recoil when i went to demo a second or third time and LOVED it.

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