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scotthetland 05-15-2003 5:35 PM

My only concern with my ballast system is the wiring. I am just wondering if it possible to wire 2 aerators to 1 3-way toggle breaker. One will be to fill and the other to drain. If it is possible, how would this be wired. Were should the power source come from? Are there usually live wires waiting to be used under the dash? <BR>Thanks in advance for any input.

sbt3 05-15-2003 8:21 PM

That should be pretty easy to do. Make sure you get a switch with 6 terminals. You will run you 12 positive and negative to the center terminals. then put one of the pump wires to the top terminals and the other to the bottom. when you flip the switch up the pump that is wired to the top will run and when you flip the switch down the pump that is wired to those terminals will run. Make sure that you keep all of the positives on one side of the switch and all of the negative cables on the other side of the switch. <BR> <BR>kind of like this <BR> <BR>+ - Top terminals <BR> <BR>+ - Middle terminals <BR> <BR>+ - Bottom terminals

ndh2o 05-16-2003 6:48 AM

I had this system setup in my boat, but it restricts water flow pretty bad. I am fairly ignorant when it comes to wiring, so one of my buddies did it for me. We had our on a cig lighter plug, and two 750 attwood aerators. I think the power came to the switch and one pump went to each side of the switch. You will need a valve at the end of the fill pump to prevent any backflow. I had the fill pump mounted on the platform with the pickup under the water, and the other pump stayed in the sac (fatseat). We also used another single pump to help fill on the other opening in the sac, and found that this single without restriction was much faster than the semi-auto double system. Actually last night I had him break this system back down and wire them all back up for single use, for speed. Post again if you have any other ???'s

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