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ssjrmk 05-15-2003 4:21 PM

does anyone use a cutter prop, which one should i get the acme or the cutter stainless

sandbag 05-16-2003 5:26 AM

Cutter has changed ownership. <BR>I tried to get a refund on mine and they <BR>said tough cookies. <BR> <BR>I wanted my money back so I could get a Acme. <BR>I went through several Cutter SS until I got <BR>one that actually gave my some holeshot. Finally <BR>got the right prop but it vibrates. Screw Cutter.

jeffr 05-16-2003 8:05 AM

Steve, <BR>Might want to check the Malibu site for recommendations on props too. I have not seen much on prop stuff recently here on WW. Last summer there were quite a few threads with good info. <BR> <BR>I have not tried different brands… but I do have a SS Cutter prop and have had no problem with it. I think it's and 18.5 vs. the stock 20 that I had on my Maristar (4 blade). Yes I do get better holeshot now and it holds speed fine even with 2K of ballast. Lost a bit on the top end… not that it matters. <BR> <BR>If you get one at a local shop they will probably let you try out both. <BR> <BR>Check the post on the Download Ballast system and send an E-mail to Porter. I know Mike got a new prop on his Tige and swears by it… I think it was an Acme?? Good Luck. <BR>

sandman 05-16-2003 8:54 AM

Definately ACME. I believe Tige dropped Cutter last year in favor of ACME. Many other manufacturers have gone with ACME as well. Cant go wrong. I love mine

dliguori 05-16-2003 9:15 AM

Acme by far! The three blades are dope too and give a better holeshot than the four and the cnc machining all but eliminates the typical 3 blade vibration.

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