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davec 05-15-2003 2:14 PM

I have a 190 horse power Mercury Mercruiser I/O, where is the exact location on the outdrive for the speedo intake? The speedo was still disconnected when I got it summerized. I plugged it in and it has been going in and out since. One day it reads the next it doesnt. Or it is hit and miss all day long. WTF?

leggester 05-15-2003 2:18 PM

On the front of the Bullet. <BR> <BR>I plugged mine and put a seperate pitot in. Seems the bullet got more lake crap in it and I was cleaning it twice a day.

davec 05-15-2003 2:23 PM

Do I have to clean it up around the plug in? This only happened after the dealer disconnected it. Worked all last summer. Is the intake low on the bullet or near the speedo plug in?

leggester 05-15-2003 2:42 PM

IIRC, it's right below the bullet part. It's simply a hole on the leading edge of the unit. <BR> <BR>I'd try blowing the line clear. Fromthe speedo side use a bicycle pump and try to blow the line clear ( detach from teh bullet first ) <BR>Also, if it was left all winter, something may have crawled up there. Blow out from the line, at the bullet too. <BR> <BR>The lakes I'm in have a bit of algae that seem to pug it. Also, sand from beaching always gotup in there.

davec 05-15-2003 2:45 PM

Sounds like the problem. Thanks for being my resident Searay expert Matt.

leggester 05-15-2003 2:57 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0> looks like I've just run into more problems before you did! ;)

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