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whitechocolate 05-15-2003 12:15 PM

Has any one here had a chance or Owns a New Ski Nautique With the Newer hull. My question is How is the SKI wake compaired to the older TSC hull. I know all the Hype Saye's it better somother softer ect, I would be intrested to know the Diffrences, In your opinion. <BR> <BR>I have one more Quetion In all the Hype they Nautique" was saying the Wake was even better for the wakeboarding with the New TSC2 hull Is this true Thank's

slalomboy 05-15-2003 12:58 PM

Well, for starters I, in my opinion, think that the TSC2 hull has a little better wake at 22 and 28 than the original TSC but it is so small that it is really hard to notice it. The original is a little more pronounced at them lengths and the TSC2 is more "washed out". At 32 and closer the TSC2 does not have as much of a dip as it once again is more "washed out" You will not notice a diff. skiing unless you are really trying too and then I wonder if it isn't all in my head. All in All both hulls are awesome for shortline cranking. <BR> <BR>Now, for the second question, I have no Idea!! My boat has only had the bouy loving smooth water worshipping freaks in it! <BR> <BR> <BR>Later,

aka Bradley Beach 05-15-2003 1:00 PM

This is a great hull... Small and soft IMO! <BR> <BR>I can't comment past 22' off but it sure is great up to there! Small interior though!

kstateskier 05-16-2003 12:04 AM

the 2 hull has a kick off the wake. It's soft but really foamy and seems turbulent.

05-28-2003 5:00 PM

The new wake is flatter and softer. No dip in any line length. The boat tracks better and the steering is tighter. They also offer the only 5 year bumper to bumper warranty in the industry. In the 196 or 206, the wake sucks for wakeboarding. In the 216 it is a lot better. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

07-01-2003 7:33 AM

Only prob with the new boat is besides the storage and int. is the slower speed salom wake for chicks and kids is much bigger than the old hull, for 32-36mph its great. I still prefer MC but the tsc2 does ski well.

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