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d_h_wake 02-14-2009 4:46 PM

Does the BillaBong Modernizm vest have any more floatation that the Jet Pilot A-10, And if yes how much more? <BR> <BR>Thanks

wswb4lfe 02-14-2009 5:20 PM

I'd assume its probably about the same idk though i have the A-10 model but im not sure

d_h_wake 02-15-2009 8:33 AM

Has anyone tried the The BillaBong Moderizm? <BR> <BR>Thanks

jmuthafnp 02-16-2009 3:51 PM

I have it and it floats way better than the A-10. More comfortable too. If you don't have to have one right now, I would wait and get the new one coming out from Xcel this year. Saw it at the St. Louis Boat show this weekend and it blows away the Billabong, the Oneill and all of the other pull overs out there. <BR> <BR>It will feature a little more padding in some much needed places than the others but still give you that super comfy fit without the bulk. Just my .02, if you want more info on the Xcel let me know. I can put you in touch with the designer.

d_h_wake 02-16-2009 7:25 PM

Cool, Thanks if you have more info that's great!! <BR>Do you Know if I can see a picture anywhere? <BR> <BR>Thanks

jmuthafnp 02-16-2009 7:32 PM

I will see if I can get some pix and post them up.

d_h_wake 02-16-2009 7:36 PM

cool, oh ya! when do the new products normally come out?

jmuthafnp 02-16-2009 7:41 PM

Sent my guy an email, so I am hoping he will chime in with all the details.

d_h_wake 02-16-2009 7:45 PM

Thank you<IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

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