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02-12-2009 11:53 PM

Ok kids, I am going to have go old school on all you all and say... Hit it! Mayday is a close 2nd.

wakemikey 02-13-2009 6:19 AM

Mayday. Anything from FLF! What happened to them again?

nj_alex 02-13-2009 6:29 AM

12 Honkeys. The original VHS version; not the later DVD mutation.

nick_in_ssp 02-13-2009 6:32 AM

I love the riding, the people, and the sound track of WELCOME.

amo 02-13-2009 7:13 AM

Transgression..........HANDS DOWN!

eubanks01 02-13-2009 7:36 AM

Sorry Nick but Welcome was the worst wakeboarding flick of all time! Well, IMO! <BR> <BR>Mayday is a classic. I actually watched it on the ipod on my way to work this morning. I really enjoyed the Butter Effect and Push Process as well.

onthewatermo 02-13-2009 7:42 AM

Truth for sights and sounds. <BR>Retrospect for respect.

hawkeye7708 02-13-2009 7:45 AM

Oh man... for me that's a VERY close between DRIVE and The Truth.... DRIVE gets a vote for innovation and pushing the envelope, and The Truth just has completely mind blowing camera angles and sounds.

eyedvride 02-13-2009 8:03 AM

1+ on 12 Honkeys. Still watch it more than any other.

michaelb 02-13-2009 8:43 AM

counterfeit this.greatest movie of all time.

wsfkusel 02-13-2009 9:04 AM

Another vote for 12 honkeys!

justinh 02-13-2009 9:10 AM

Hit It! <BR> <BR>Mr. Scott Byerly section made me want to be a wakeboarder. (prior to that I just goofed around)

K.B.C. 02-13-2009 9:16 AM

Hit It! then Mayday. Best wake movies EVER...

socalwakepunk 02-13-2009 9:25 AM

Switch &amp; Switch 22, High Wake Drifters

lfboardboomer 02-13-2009 9:31 AM

Not the best movie ever made quality wise, but Incomplete is my all time favorite. Really showed the whole lifestyle of wakeboarding. Classic.

wakeviolater 02-13-2009 9:37 AM

you beat me tank! <BR> <BR>switch and switch 22...awesome vids.

kamighazi 02-13-2009 9:45 AM

its goes like this for me... <BR> <BR>12 honkeys (VHS fo sho - DVD sucked it) <BR>Truth (Tino and Lyman's section makes me want to bind in on my couch!) <BR>Push Process (great sounds) <BR>Butter Effect (The FuelTv version - dont know why or how, but it is different AND BETTER) <BR>Retrospect is killa <BR> <BR>problem is i havent watched all the old schoolers

kamighazi 02-13-2009 9:47 AM

sorry and this one... Best damn shorty film. This vid make me love this song (wasnt too hard to though) <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/video/20842/delta-summer-06" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/video/20842/delta-summer-06</a>

trdon 02-13-2009 9:48 AM

absolutely Hit It! That is huge in wakeboarding development back in the day.

eyedvride 02-13-2009 10:06 AM

BennyBoy, I have that one on my desktop! Rich Dykmans has a mac page with that video clip and an older one that is pretty good too. Surprised we don't see more of Chris Dykmans, solid rider! I really like watching BG tweak out those grabs.

liquidmx 02-13-2009 10:10 AM

Natural Born Thrillaz, Westside, Mayday, Hit it, and Spray.

justinh 02-13-2009 10:31 AM

High wake drifters was great. <BR> <BR>Gnarlist crash ever in that video. That guy lost a couple of feet of his guts to a ladder on a dock. What was that guy's name. He was a wakeboard/trick-skier, but could rip.

czap 02-13-2009 10:40 AM

Relentless.. it was the first wake vid i ever owned and i would watch it like 3 times a day lol. The vid got me hooked for sure. Watsons melan 3s and 5s blew my mind

sidekicknicholas 02-13-2009 11:33 AM

12 honkeys <BR>transgression

intotheflats 02-13-2009 12:03 PM

12 honkeys <BR>natural born thrillaz

knarbar 02-13-2009 12:08 PM

Definetly Switch 22 nobody can beat murrays part and all the other hilarious crap in that video. <BR> <BR>Skurfs up 2nd (its just crazy to see wakeboarding today and then watch a video like that)

jboard1 02-13-2009 12:10 PM

Natural Born Thrillaz..no question. the vandall has always and will always rip

wakerider111 02-13-2009 12:21 PM

Transgression <BR>Retrospect <BR>The Truth <BR>Switch <BR>Mayday <BR>Blacklist

wakerider111 02-13-2009 12:22 PM

never seen 12 honkeys... what was bad about the dvd vs the VHS. i would have thought the dvd was merely a dvd version of the VHS like everything else? <BR> <BR>sorry for the tangent

wake77 02-13-2009 12:28 PM

Transgression........even a non-wakeboarder would appreciate that movie.

joe_crawley 02-13-2009 12:44 PM

Retrospect. I believe it was Shaun Murray who said nobody needed to make another wakeboard movie after this... he was spot on. <BR> <BR>If Retrospect had never been made: Natural Born Thrillaz and Transgression

oneoffpost 02-13-2009 12:46 PM

no one ever mentions "six pack" or "my house" anymore- love those two movies. I think "six pack" or "mayday" are my favorites tho. Then I thought of "running with scissors" and "myside". there are so many cool movies from back in the day its crazy. <BR>I just thought of "Tomorrow" that the Rook made-awesome...

wakedad33 02-13-2009 1:41 PM

For me <BR> <BR>Butter Effect <BR>Retrospect <BR>Welcome <BR>Push Process (but it's a little to short)

pearsonville 02-13-2009 1:50 PM

Rookie's "WIDE AWAKE".

bill 02-13-2009 2:03 PM

ha noone mentioned Shafted ,its my favorite. i liked shaft and the faction as well which is the other two in athree part series but shafted was the best IMO..

deltaratmike 02-13-2009 2:13 PM

the original Delta Sessions and Outkasts. <BR>W$R for life pimpin <BR>style and air from the west is always good. <BR> <BR>but if i were to have a more mainstream movie My Side is the best of Sean Kilgus' films

kyle945 02-13-2009 4:49 PM


freshtracks 02-13-2009 5:07 PM

High Wake Drifter was the first wake board movie I ever bought. A classic! <BR> <BR>The Truth for a more recent movie.

wake2wake_66 02-13-2009 9:29 PM

I am ready to see the Parks Documentary. When will it be released? I am also dying to see Out of the Pond.

waketherainbow 02-13-2009 9:35 PM

push process... Anyone know when some of the new flicks will hit shelves

lfadam 02-13-2009 9:53 PM

Shafted, Relentless, and Transgression are my favorites. Shafted for the riding/Parks double ups/best of everything, Relentless for best feel/most stoke and watson's section, and Transgression for most enthralling cinematically and Randall's section. <BR> <BR>x2 on being pumped for the Parks documentary...

lakemiltonwake08 02-13-2009 10:36 PM

12 Honkeys <BR>Transgression <BR>Drive <BR>Updog <BR> <BR>Are the ones I watch a few times a month.

ryan_shima1 02-13-2009 10:57 PM

May Day &amp; Hit It

ollieshuvitz 02-13-2009 11:03 PM

running with scissors <BR> <BR>it's what really got me into wakeboarding. <BR> <BR>then sfumato <BR> <BR>is what got me to quit wakeboarding and wakeskate instead

02-14-2009 2:58 AM

Oh man, it makes me soo happy that some of my favs are other peoples fav.'s as well. I love Hit it! Mayday and even Skrufs up. They got me way excited about wakeboarding when I was in high school. <BR> <BR>Byerly's part in hit it! sick! <BR>Randy Harris in Mayday = supersweet!

wakeboard19 02-14-2009 8:12 AM

12 Honkeys <BR>Blacklist had the possibilities to be the best with all those riders in one spot. I think the weather killed it. <BR>Natural Born Thrillaz <BR>Transgressions

dirty 02-14-2009 9:46 AM

all the new videos have been bad to horrible except Push Process and only parts of Transgression <BR> <BR>Natural Born Thrillaz <BR>Mayday <BR>Spray <BR>Hit it <BR> <BR>truly the ONLY great wakeboard movies out there <BR> <BR>everything now is just ok or blah, you end up fast fowarding half the movie to Randall, Benny or Danny's part if anything

lfrider92 02-14-2009 9:51 AM

push process and the truth,

tom_paz 02-14-2009 12:49 PM

For What Its Worth <BR>12 Honkeys <BR>Incomplete <BR>Metronome <BR>Butter Effect <BR>Drive

stepintoliquid 02-14-2009 2:18 PM

For What Its Worth!

scbrips 02-14-2009 3:10 PM

HIT IT! - By far my favorite wakeboard movie of all time. <BR> <BR>Some of my other favorites... <BR> <BR>Wake The Beast <BR> <BR>Decline of the Waterski Monopoly <BR> <BR>The Double Up Experience <BR> <BR>Spray

02-14-2009 3:15 PM

Shafted or Natural Born Thillaz.

duffmangt 02-14-2009 3:21 PM

transgression is amazing, my favorite hands down. <BR>but push process is great too <BR> <BR>i wasnt entertained at all by truth and drive...so much talk and i was bored. <BR> <BR>and 12 honkeys is just weird! haha

razorjaw 02-14-2009 5:46 PM

I missed a lot of the really old school stuff, but "for what its worth" was my first wake film and still gets played! (I had to digitise the tape onto DVD because I was wearing it out!). From what I've seen the best are: <BR> <BR>For what its worth <BR>Truth <BR>Transgression <BR>Counterfeit this <BR>Pre pop <BR>OZinUS <BR>12 honkeys

damned04 02-15-2009 8:40 AM

Butter Effect <BR>Such is Life <BR>Bent Felix <BR>Man Overboard <BR>Relentless

fullonsalesgrp 02-15-2009 10:42 AM

The originals <BR>Pennywise shop VHS <BR>Wake the Beast

wakemitch 02-15-2009 2:30 PM


deltaratmike 02-15-2009 2:33 PM

Free 4 All <BR>Authentic

zride 02-15-2009 3:18 PM

For What Its Worth

longhornfan 02-15-2009 6:59 PM

Butter Effect.

liquidmalibu 02-15-2009 7:08 PM

'switch 22' is my all time favourite, but 'push process' is my favourite at the moment. i'm also loving 'canvas' at the moment!

hayes 02-16-2009 7:31 AM

Mayday (Gator's front to fakie is unreal!) <BR>12 Honkey's <BR>Counterfeit This

iamnathanhudson 02-16-2009 7:41 AM


pilot_ryder 02-16-2009 11:18 AM

butter effect

Slingshot 02-16-2009 11:37 AM

Monkey on a String <BR>My House <BR>Authentic <BR>Drive

brodie_chaboya 02-16-2009 11:58 AM

Gravity Sucks

brodie_chaboya 02-16-2009 12:00 PM

The Decline of the Waterski Monopoly. Wonder how many on here have seen either of these videos?

sidekicknicholas 02-16-2009 12:02 PM

The oldies like ^^^ you guys posted are great, but the poor film quality (just a sign of the times, i know this...) makes them hard for me to watch

ttrigo 02-16-2009 12:05 PM

I have not caught most of the new films, so I am a bit biased towards the old school. <BR>High Wake Drifters is still my all time favorite. <BR>Retrospect is awesome too. <BR>Fluid had a good soundtrack and some decent riding.

okcwakebrdr 02-16-2009 12:48 PM

Relentless Shane bonifays closing section was sick!!

schrunk 02-16-2009 12:56 PM

12 honkeys <BR>transgression <BR> <BR>Honkeys for the humor and Transgression for the cinematography.

riz 02-16-2009 1:34 PM

Dang, I need to go plug in the VCR. Raise your hand if you know who made A Line Dependancy.

anthemwake 02-16-2009 2:19 PM

The first four FLF movies were head and shoulders above anything else for years. They pretty much set the bar that everyone else followed until they shat the bed with My House and Monkey on a String. <BR> <BR>Also: Decline, Sfumato, Incomplete, and Invisible Cinema

lgrider57 02-16-2009 2:35 PM

Push Process

brent1 02-16-2009 4:39 PM

All this and no one has mentioned all or nothing!?

denverd1 02-16-2009 5:06 PM

^or prepop. Too short, but innovative at the time. <BR> <BR>push process, retrospect.

lgrider57 02-16-2009 7:58 PM


fullspeed 02-16-2009 8:48 PM

Drive <BR>Truth <BR>Counterfeit This <BR>ButterEffect <BR> <BR>Push Process was just okay for me. Haven't seen Transgression yet

laptom 02-17-2009 6:08 AM

What's different about the dvd version of 12 Honkeys compared to the VHS version? I really liked the VHS version, but I'm out off VHS-player, so thinking of the dvd version... <BR> <BR>Like F4A and Retrospect...

kamighazi 02-17-2009 7:59 AM

the dvd version added a couple quick clips\sceens. To me, it threw the whole mood. Since i have had the VHS version burned in my memory. <BR> <BR>Don't get me wrong it's mostly the same, and i still watch the hell out of the DVD. But you know how they had that goofy story line, they added more crap at the end. <BR> <BR>The only cool party about the DVD is the tossed a pretty badass wake sake section at the end with Clint Tomkin as a bonus.

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