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wideboy 02-12-2009 3:33 PM

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone rides with these bindings, some super cheap deals on them just now. Are they any good, and will they fit straight onto my LF Witness '08? <BR> <BR>Any views welcome <BR> <BR>Cheers

delmage171 02-12-2009 5:41 PM

I bought a pair of size 10 gator gonzalez for $60 off ebay....For that price you can't go wrong, they have a bit of heel lift but oh well... <BR> <BR>Umm my other boots were CWB faction size 12 if that helps...and there very comfy...I wear a size 11 skate shoe

wideboy 02-12-2009 6:34 PM

Thanks Jason, that's the deal i'd seen too...$300 off retail, can't be bad!!! <BR> <BR>I've been riding with open toe LF element bindings, so reckon the gators will be a big improvement on these. <BR> <BR>Any idea on if they'll be a straight fit to an LF board?

wakeboardingzach 02-12-2009 7:05 PM

Hey andrew $70 for 08 Gator Boards Gator Wakeboard Bindings. Very nice and comfy too!

wakeboardingzach 02-12-2009 7:08 PM

boardersmall.com has them for 150 i think

wideboy 02-15-2009 7:35 PM

Thanks zach but found an amazing deal on the gonzalez bindings. Hope they live up to expectations!

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