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matt_mobius 05-13-2003 7:58 PM

I am Hi Fi nut!! <BR> <BR>This is the first time I am setting up a stereo for a boat. <BR> <BR>My question is I have alot Kenwood amps crossovers from an old car stereo system is there any reason why I would not want to use these in my boat? Also I am looking for a head unit I have seen one in boat magazines for like twice as much as I have seen them for the car why? Should I buy one made for a boat? <BR> <BR>I believe because the head units are air tight or something. <BR> <BR>Any recommendations on a Head Unit either way and speakers. <BR>(Keep in mind my home HiFi: Dennon, Nad, Paradigm, Boston Acoustics) <BR> <BR><b>Thanx for any info!!</b> <BR>Matt

tigeal 05-13-2003 8:21 PM

You can use a non marine head unit as long as it can be kept dry. I used a sony cdx-mp70 in my new system and saw no need to go marine except with the remote, but even it will see no water. You can use the amps as well, you would not want any amp to get wet.

wetnwildaudio 05-18-2003 2:45 PM

Alan- how long have you had that mp70? are you having any ploblems with it? <BR>Sorry to get off topic

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