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lsukuntryboy 02-11-2009 8:05 PM

Ok. so the guys at LSU and ULL have pushed my buttons enough. im starting a team at Louisiana-Monroe. we have enough riders already. I have a meeting with the head of student life on monday. What do i need to be prepared for? like what questions is she gonna ask and all? I also have a meeting with cab(campus activites board) they are students that dole out money as needed. Im planin on askin for 500 for start up cost. a one time fee. <BR> <BR>My school has 21 of 28 national championships in water skiing. So they take care of the teams every need. Their coach is a bit of a biotch. and dosent want a wakeboard team. so i am having to make this completely seperate from them. so i cant get on their insurance plan. how do i go about dealin with insurance? <BR> <BR>any other tips? im sure i will have more questions pop in my head between now and then. <BR> <BR>thanks in advance

mccormicks_cable_park 02-12-2009 3:25 PM

hey man how the team/ club going? contact us if you need a hand <BR><a href="http://www.skimccormick.com" target="_blank">www.skimccormick.com</a> we are a cable, wake and ski complex

lsukuntryboy 02-12-2009 3:52 PM

we will do mike. its goin good so far. still tryin to get ready for the meeting on monday. <BR> <BR>How do most of yall in the clubs do dues for the year? like a one time fee of a certain amount?

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