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davec 05-13-2003 7:53 AM

I have damage on 2 of 3 blades all less than an inch into the blade. Can it be repaired and is it worth using afterwards? Standard $100 props is all that I run. How severve does the damage have to be on the prop before there is damage to the drive as well?

leggester 05-13-2003 7:57 AM

If they are aluminum props, go ahead and get a new one, and get the current one repaired for a spare. <BR> <BR>Your prop is out of balance. That's the worst thing right now. There's no 'set' way of telling how long you can run it before damaging the lower gear unit. <BR> <BR>I think you'll soon discover the price of reparing an SS prop, rather than continuosly buying new aluminum props will more than pay for itself in a season or two.

davec 05-13-2003 8:41 AM

they are worth repairing then or should I just buy the new one? Last time I just bought the new one for $100 bucks. But should I just repair the two damaged ones I have this time around?

oldschool 05-13-2003 8:42 AM

If you can get a prop for $100, buy it. Repairs can cost just about as much.

leggester 05-13-2003 9:28 AM

Agreed. Get the $100.00. I'd still look into getting the repair, just for a spare prop.

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