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will5150 05-12-2003 5:50 PM

I have Rider's Cruise on my boat and it have NEVER worked 100%. I have had all sorts of intermitent problems- Speed doesn't reengage after someone falls, I reset to the slow blinking light and start to accelerate to a new speed when all of the sudden the light goes fast on me and the speed locks. Anyone know what gives? I have discussed with the dealer and they're going to upgrade me to Wakeboard Pro ( not for free) if i can't get it solved- HELP!!!!

jdr 05-12-2003 6:41 PM

I am assuming you are talking about Perfect Pass Wakeboard Cruise? <BR> <BR>Do you hit reset everytime someone falls? When the speed is set and someone falls, you should not do anything except shift into neutral, turn around and go pick up the rider and pull them back up. During all this the light should be blinking fast. It will go solid when it re-engages.

will5150 05-12-2003 9:21 PM

I understand that. In fact, sometimes, when the light is blinking slow ( i haven't set it at all), and then I speed up and it goes to a fast blinking light and locks on to a speed that I don't want. It is something in the system- possibly a ground fault?? I am looking for answers- HELP!

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