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smig 05-12-2003 2:55 PM

$16k is the most i can get my dad to spend and he wants an open-bow. so what do you guys think is the best boat for the money. I was thinking a used supra mariah? Any suggestions?

byerly03 05-12-2003 3:06 PM

i picked up my 1995 Malibu Sunsetter for that price, had to hunt for a good deal though. But they throw a huge wake, the hull on the 95 and 96 is like the wakesetter plus you can add a wedge to them. just don't buy a diamond hull

fuel 05-12-2003 3:10 PM

Without a doubt, an older Sport Nautique. Try boattraderonline.com or flipsell.com

driftwood 05-13-2003 4:36 PM

SN? uh....nah = i'd disagree with that one. but for 16k you are gonna have a hard time finding a decent boat....i think you should be considering close to 20 and you could probably get into a v-drive.

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